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Orbs pictures presence Signs from Heaven

Orbs pictures presence inside the heart that gives consolation and love signs from Heaven photos

Orbs pictures presence signs from Heaven : I am sending you two pictures, signs from Heaven, orbs pictures, a few days ago, in the evening, I was feeling a little down, after a few emotional issues that ended badly and a big disappointment from a person whom I thought was my best friend, and I was asking myself what it was that I did that prevented people from caring about me, I know I am not alone, but right then that’s exactly how I felt, one of those tragic moments, you know, where your self-esteem is down to zero, it happens.

So I started to pray and just when I was ending my prayers I turned the light off and my heart slowly began to pick up a peace so intense and getting even stronger, an increasing state of enjoyment and all this was totally unexplainable, a kind of flame of Love, an inextinguishable flame and next to this flame there was a sound in my ears, a kind of a buzz, or a whistle that did not really say anything specifically in words, it simply confirmed the presence of something that was consoling me, right there, next to my pillow.

I cant’ tell you who it was, but I felt very much loved.

At the peak of my happiness I turned the light on and I ran to pick up a camera, shouting.

“Don’t go away, please, I want to see you”.

Here is the picture and the little surprise that joyously awaited.


Soon after, as you can see, the room filled up, the beatitude lasted until I fell asleep again.

(I would like to specify that the second picture was taken in the dark, because I wanted to double check that it was not a trick of the light).

I am so immensely HAPPY, it’s true, the kingdom of God is among us.

With affection, Antonella


Orbs pictures presence inside the heart that gives consolation and love signs from the Sky

Orbs pictures presence signs from Heaven

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