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Medjugorje Angels Photos of Angels Medjugorje

Medjugorje Angels Photos of Angels Medjugorje Photos and Witnessing


My experience at Medjugorje: Since a year ago I have always wanted to discover what is happening at Medjugorje and although I’m a believer … I have never been interested in these appearances.

My will to go there grew and to share this experience with my brother who’s a Carmelite friar, would have been the utmost ... I left on July 31st 2011 with a group of Pilgrims from Catania, Italy, although I live in Rome.

I knew that at Medjugorje there were signs in one’s heart, conversion of faith … During my stay there I immediately felt something different … An incredible spirituality, unique peace, and something positive in the air … but this could be awesomeness too.

I attended the prayers, the Mass, the Worshiping, the witnessings, the songs and everything else and all this together with thousands and thousands of people.

The day of the Appearance, August 2nd, I attended the wake on the hill … having been sitting on the big stones all night long and thousands of young people with me too … We sung, prayed, and some got to sleep too.

The following morning’s appearance was an incredible experience. It really hard to explain … you’ve jus got to be there. As soon as the appearance ended, the sun appeared. There were thousands of us who saw it, without ever looking away. The sun was   darkened like an eclipse, and it was whirling, glowing and emanating energy that came deep into you. … I shed tears of joy like a little boy, although I’m fifty-one. All this lasted half an hour.

I snapped some photos too, as I like to. One evening I was near the statue of the Risen Christ, His knee sheds human tears … I have even took a lot of photos. And on one of them, the one I’m showing you, I don’t know how, … He appeared overlying in a light of fire and gold … looking upwards … although the face of the statue is tilted. My camera’s a Reflex & Nixon one. It’s a good camera and it has always worked well … but this would be a strange defect. Useless to tell you about my very deep happiness for this photo.




On Another evening between Aug 4th & 5th … I took a lot of photos during the Mass, and on one of them three lights appeared in the sky. I didn’t see anything with the naked eye. But after having enlarged them, I’ve got a 12 mpix, three beings of light appeared.








Another deep happiness and disbelief … but I had another excitement the following evening. On the 5th at night, shortly before Our Lady had appeared, and according to the clairvoyant, OUR LADY WAS THERE WITH THREE ANGELS. Among the many photos I took after the appearance, a wonderful light appeared, this one wasn’t visible with the naked eye. Immediately I enlarged the photo on the display of the camera, and a wonderful WINGED BEING appeared … Something I have never seen before. I wondered: “What’s that?” Immediately I showed it to my brother who’s a priest, and he was incredulous too. We realized then according to what the clairvoyant had said: “Our Lady was with three Angels” … I can’t explain my feelings, and how they it still are now .,.. I have wondered these days: … “OK it’s an Angel … what if it were Our Lady? … On the other hand, She’s a SPIRIT OF LIGHT too … Who appears with a body, the one she had 2000 years ago … but maybe she appeared in Her REAL LIGHT. Is it Our Lady or an ANGEL … It’s really the confirmation of ANGEL presences NEAR US.








Excuse me for having dwelt … but it isn’t easy to shorten so many feeling, and an indescribable experience.

A warm greeting




Medjugorje Angels Photos of Angels Medjugorje Photos and Witnessing


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