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ORBS At The Theater Presences

ORBS At The Theater Presences Of Love In The ORBS Photos And Testimony


ORBS At The Theater Presences


Hello Sara, a few days ago I posted you a photo taken at the theater asking confirmation on the presence of love ... thanks for answering ... looks nice but I tell you this story first ... as it is to you that I have my entry into this world of love ...


As I said you a few days ago I went to the theater with my students of primary school ... the camera is always with me on these occasions ... "When we shall review together the photos ... we will say how you were little" ... and then the parents will have a memory of these moments that children have lived without them.


The photos in the bus did not show anything ... but only because there was so much light, the same thing for some in the lobby of the theater where the little ones have had a snack before waiting for the arrival of the other schools.


Of course, I I've done plenty of them also why in the classroom is also my nephew and my sister had also given me her photograph machine ... at some point while I took I said aloud ... Angels hey where are you finished? ... and while I told it I see them while I took the lens ... (Is not the first time that I have this experiences).


The emotion was very strong, the Angels knew that I was waiting for them and they wanted me to know that they were with us.


The photo I sent to you is just one of many and was taken by my colleague in the theater at the end of the show with another photographic camera. I really like why ORBS are light blue and are just obvious ... then if you look behind the curtain, appear in the background of hearts.


It 'was a wonderful experience ... once again the Angels wanted to tell me you are always with us ... just look for them and they make you feel.


Thank you again for your commitment to this world that we know about love, thanks for the messages of Jesus that we do enjoy, thank you thank you thank you.


That the light can be with you.




ORBS At The Theater Presences Of Love In The ORBS Photos And Testimony was told by Giusi


ORBS At The Theater Presences Of Love In The ORBS Photos And Testimony


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