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In Saint Bonico The Madonna Of The Night

In Saint Bonico The Madonna Of The Night Apparitions


In Saint Bonico The Madonna Of The Night : dearest Sara Luce, here I am writing to you again, as promised, to tell you about another beautiful experience I had a few days ago, on July 3rd, in Saint Bonico of The Madonna Of The Night; it had been a while since I had heard about it, and the desire inside me grew stronger and stronger with each day, I have always dreamed of going to Lourdes or Medjugorie, but due to the long distance and the limited budget, I always saw that, at least for now, that is a distant dream.


When I heard about Saint Bonico of Piacenza Italy, I immediately thought I was so lucky to be living only two and a half hours away from it, and so without much pondering, at our first opportunity, my husband and I went to visit it. We arrived there early in the afternoon, by 5 there were still very few people waiting (and afterward the field completely!)


The prayers did not begin until 7 in the evening, however, we thought we would immerse ourselves in the green field that surrounded us, experiencing an indescribable feeling of peace.


We spent this time seated on the grass, each one of us praying and meditating in silence, having one-on-one conversations with Her, the only protagonist of that place.


Obviously I shall tell you about the sensations I had right from the start: after not even half an hour since we got there I suddenly had this urge to cry, an unstoppable cry, inexplicable, I was sobbing. I was ashamed, I did not want to be seen like that, but I could not stop, I could not control my emotions. She was already there, watching us from up above …. She is not only present during the apparition, and this was confirmed by my husband too as well as other people who arrived well before the apparition who also experienced intense sensations, strange emotional moments, and indescribable perfumes.


At nine in the evening the medium Celeste arrived, and they began to recite the Rosary. At about the second mystery he started to have a vision and moved toward the walnut tree where the Madonna always appears. That evening (being the first Thursday of the month, even the Archangel Michael descended, without his sword) all of us were around him, many of us were taking pictures.




At one point, while I was praying and taking pictures of that special tree (here is a picture of it) … I could detect an intense, beautiful, indescribable and overwhelming perfume (nothing to compare it to here on earth) that enveloped me, pulling me in physically. My arms were raised to take pictures, and for a moment I felt I had been transported from this intense wave of perfume, actually it was not an impression, it was a fact. At the same time that I felt this perfume, my eyes were tearing up without realizing, I was crying uncontrollably, but the strange things, which I still can not explain to myself, was that I visualized this perfume with the color orange.


At the end of the apparition we moved once again toward the statue, continuing with the Rosary, and there, for the second time, I could smell a new and different perfume, more long-lasting and more delicate than the first aroma, which my husband could not smell …


Almost at the end of the Rosary, just for a moment, while still praying, I closed my eyes to give thanks, to savor the spirituality of this place, to breathe the last moments of this unforgettable experience, when all of a sudden a cool breeze (that evening there was no wind, everything was completely still, in fact it was a little warm, we were all there one next to the other, very close to each other) unexpectedly blew on m face: I open my eyes, I look at the trees, at the leaves …. everything was completely immobile.


Almost at the end of the Rosary I took some pictures in front of the statue … here is one of them …. you can be the judge ….



What did this experience give me? A fantastic nostalgia for that place, a yearning to go back to it, the awareness of our smallness, of the greatness of Our Celestial Mother and of Her beloved Child …. I hope everyone will be able to go because, believe me, you will go back home profoundly renewed …. Thank you Madonna of the Night for your call ….


An affectionate embrace to you, dear Sara Luce


In Saint Bonico The Madonna Of The Night Apparitions was the testimonial of Katia


In Saint Bonico The Madonna Of The Night Apparitions


In Saint Bonico The Madonna Of The Night


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