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Seeing Hearts In Moments Of Difficulty

Seeing Hearts In Moments Of Difficulty Pictures


Seeing Hearts In Moments Of Difficulty : dear Sara, I have seen on your website several testimonials and pictures of people who saw hearts during their day to day lives, just like I do, I see so many of them, and I see them everywhere, it’s as if ‘someone’ tells me “don’t worry, everything is going fine, I am right here” and this has been happening to me ever since I was a little girl.


However, lately I have been paying attention to my surroundings, especially during moments of difficulty … as soon as I start to think of my Angel and ask for his help … for example, at work, I work as a cashier and often in my cash drawer I am left with no 5 or 10 Euro bills and so I start to panic because my clients often pay with large bills, and I find myself in a difficult situation when it comes time to give them their change … and so I ask for help and very quickly people pay with 5 and 10 dollar bills, even more than I need, and I swear that ever since I found out about this little “secret” I feel much more relaxed.


Placing ourselves in the hands of God is fantastic, you can really witness little daily miracles.


Today I shall bring you my little testimonial. The other day I was about to leave on a difficult trip, I was anxious because I did not know the way to get there; I prayed the Angels fervently, even my mum and friends did the same for me, and so, before I left, just before I was about to climb into the car, I noticed a little “drawing” on the car window … it was the shape of a little Angel (with pink reflections). I felt so very protected!!!

Angel on the car window

The other morning I spilled some coffee on the burner … look at the surprise ..


Angel by coffe


I hope you will not mind if every now and then I will send you some pictures that my Angels send me …


Hearts of light



heart in the sugar



Images hearts



Little Angel in the Sky


An embrace to you,


Seeing Hearts In Moments Of Difficulty Pictures was the testimonial of Gabri


Seeing Hearts In Moments Of Difficulty Pictures


Seeing Hearts In Moments Of Difficulty


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