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Angel Wings In The Sky Images

Angel Wings In The Sky Images And Strange Events


Angel Wings In The Sky Images : hello Sara Luce, I have never had a day like today; today I was walking downtown, as I usually do, suddenly I felt like a sensation of serenity, like I had never felt before; an immense peace, I had the sun on my face, I enjoy it when I walk with the sun facing me, strangely this morning it was as if the sun was guiding me exactly where I was going this morning anyway.


After a couple of hours I was on my way home, I was about to cross the street, there was another pedestrian. I was distracted because I was speaking to this person that on my right hand side, as soon as I turned around to step off the pavement and take my first step to cross the street, I don’t even have time to understand what is going on, a truck passed right in front of me, at very high speed, literally about one inch from my nose. If the person next to me had not called me I believe I would have taken also the second step on the street, without knowing what was going to happen to me.


It left me completely shaken, because that very morning that unusual feeling of complete peace and serenity made me wonder if something was about to happen to me …


Nothing like that had ever happened to me before …


What was that?


I shall preface that a day earlier my mother saw this image in the sky, I am sending it to you. She called me so that I could see it too.


It looked like a large white dove, my mother told me “Look, it is in the shape of an Angel”.




I would like to ask you a question, in your opinion, what makes these events happen? Why did I feel those sensations before the “near miss” accident?


I thank you very much for your help and kindness.




And now a greeting to all of you from Sara Luce. I noticed that when the testimonials conclude with a question from the writer, many of you are interested in finding out what my answer to the readers’ question is, and so I shall copy it below, with my regards.


My dear … who knows … sometimes we have unusual appointments with destiny …. however, the entire story you tell me says one thing to me: that you follow your heart, you follow your feelings … perhaps it was these choices that you already made in your life that kept you safe from danger … you have nothing to learn from suffering, you don’t need to learn anything from feelings, affection, or heart, and this is because you already follow them, and so what could have been an appointment with a possible opportunity for growth through pain did not even need to take place.


And who knows, perhaps this new awareness of the help of your Angel will make you open up your heart toward the Sky even more!


A sweet embrace my dear


Sara Luce


Angel Wings In The Sky Images And Strange Events was told by Valeria


Angel Wings In The Sky Images And Strange Events


Angel Wings In The Sky Images


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