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50 years important birthday gift

50 years important birthday gift from the Sky


50 years important birthday gift : a few days ago, I celebrated an important birthday, 50 years; for the occasion I planned a special evening and invited my family, friends new and old, all together, to celebrate my moment.


A few days earlier, the day of my actual birthday I was “whining under my breath” with my parents, who had left me many years before, that they had not even given me a little “celestial” gift.


(I often find hearts, feathers, and much, much more), at least a flower – I would ask – I don’t know: A rose!!! At the end of my capricious rant, the special evening of celebration and sharing finally started.


A very dear couple of friends came over all the way from my childhood town, my long term friends, the kind of friends that saw you cry, say you grow up and say you cry, those friends who know all about you: they came to me, with a tiny little gift box, it looked like a jewelry box .. as soon as I opened it, I got goose bumps: the gift was a little cameo, in the same of a heart, with a little and perfectly chiseled white rose on it!


 Image cameo with a rose


I felt like crying from the joy and the emotion: a rose!!!


An a cameo no less, an object that I associate with my mother, and, again, my Angel’s name is Rosella (he suggested this name to me one night in a dream) ....


All these gifts together!!


I couldn’t stop thanking my friends, I was stuttering words that made little sense, I was overwhelmed by the emotion and the surprise! “You have no idea what a wonderful gift you have given me” – I kept repeating!


I filled my batteries with love and joy.


I know that up there, and all around us, there are many of you with me, and that you love me, but this time you really surpassed yourselves!!! But don’t stop it!!


A big hug Sara, thank you, thank you always for the awareness you donate.


50 years important birthday gift from the Sky is a testimonial from Cristina



50 years important birthday gift from the Sky


50 years important birthday gift


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