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My invisible little friend My Angel

My invisible little friend My Angel Children and Angels Two little heartbeats Twins Testimonies
My invisible little friend My Angel : my sister Lucy has been married for eight years; at the beginning of her marriage she was not able to become pregnant; they consulted with doctors and hospitals to understand why it was that she would become pregnant but each time she would abort spontaneously.
The doctors understood that for some reason her amniotic bag did not form, however even once this problem was solved, she was still not able to conceive.
When at end she abandoned every hope … John arrived miraculously.
When John was a year old, Lucy said ‘If a miracle has happened once, who knows, perhaps it could be repeated again, who knows?’ and they looked for a second child.
And once again began the consultation with doctors, and treatments, and subsequent loss of the baby; they relived the same affliction that they experienced when they were looking for their first son John.
When in the end she gave up she relaxed again, three years had passed since her second attempt, and she discovered with great joy that she was pregnant again.
Once she got through the initial month and half (spontaneous abortions always happen during that time period) she began to hope that this pregnancy could lead to a good end.
Chatting with little John, my sister and her husband began to choose a name for the new baby and they asked little John: ‘What name are we going to give the baby if he is a boy, and what name are we going to give if she is a girl?’ and without hesitation little John said: ‘the boy will be Fabio and the girl Noemi ‘ and the parents said : okay, so if it’s a boy we call him Fabio and if it’s a girl we will call her Noemi’ … and the little John angrily objected : ‘No, one will be called Fabio and the other will be called Noemi’.
My sister and her husband let him go on speaking, it was enough to know that she was expecting !!!
With the first ultrasound scan they saw, with a general surprise, two little heartbeats. Twins.
But the sex was not yet discernible and jokingly they said: Who knows, maybe he guessed right that it’s a boy and a girl …. If that is the case, we will give them the names he suggested.
On the twentieth week a new ultrasound scan and …. they are a boy and a girl, again we all remained speechless.
We were all astonished; then we decided to ask the child how he knew that it was two babies, a boy and a girl, and John replied: ‘I was told by my invisible little friend ‘ and angrily he added ‘ The one you are never able to see !
Fabio and Noemi will be born in September.
My invisible little friend My Angel Children and Angels Two little heartbeats Twins Testimonies
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