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Confirmations the Sky always Answers back

Confirmations the Sky always Answers back The Right Messages Flash of Inspiration Experiences
Confirmations the Sky always Answers back : this morning I had another confirmation that if we call upon the Sky, the Sky always answers back; the latest very nice confirmation of this, sometimes I ask myself the reason for so many confirmations, while the idea is growing in me that perhaps I should collect all of them and put them together in a book.
Now I will tell you the latest event that happened to me.
For a while now, Christine, a friend of mine who teaches at Sunday school with me (in reality I am only her assistant) noticed that on her head there was a little white coloured scaly encrustation.
She goes to the doctor, he prescribes cortisone, creams, remedies, antibiotics, and so on, to no avail; this goes on for three months, she follows the treatments that the doctor is giving her but without success.
In the meantime I begin to worry, I know from experience that the human body always reflects a spiritual malaise, a pressure, restrained emotions, restrained sorrow too, if we do not do something about it, the body ‘screams out’ all these things (You have no idea what headache I had yesterday just when I was been told that as of today they have removed the cap on overtime work allowed, I still have it and there is no tablet that can take it away. It is a headache generated by my ‘nerves’ that I have concentrated exactly on that subject, it’s one of the more simple but effective ways to let you understand).
I was thinking, thinking, I thought of Christine, but I did not get any flash of inspiration.
In the meantime she told me that she had come back from the doctor who referred her to the dermatologist, who ordered to her to have an urgent biopsy (argh!) and some clinical tests to understand what it was.
She does those tests and some days go by.
One night I dream of Christine pushing a shopping trolley toward to me (like those at the supermarkets, to give you an idea) we are on a country road and I see her coming toward me and at one point, smiling, she takes out of the trolley a carton of milk and she shows it to me
I wake up with the same image, I did not dream of my friend very often, who knows what it meant ?
Later in a chat I talk with a special friend of mine who is really an Angel (she is amazing), I tell her of my dream and she says to me: ‘The milk is her childhood, your friend has perhaps taken a decision and she would like retreat from it’.
Then I tell her (since I am already talking to her) of Christine’s skin problem and she said to me: ‘Well, that’s clear then, she has to use products that treat the milk crust condition, also known as crust lacteal, often used to treat babies.
Wow, I think, these Angels helped me find the solution to the problem, oh yes, it’s them who help, I am merely receiving a message and they send me to the right people to interpret them.
At Sunday mass, I meet another friend of mine and even though I suspect she will think I am crazy, I tell her all about my dream, the Angels’ message… she is looking at me as if I am completely deranged, but I, not knowing anything about the crust lacteal, ask her what treatment there is for that condition and she says that baby oil helps, like the Johnson type (what a coincidence, some weeks earlier I had bought some humidified serviettes and they came with a free bottle of oil; I can’t explain to you why, but even though I considered throwing it away I decided that it could be useful for something, maybe to give away to somebody, to my boyfriend, to my aunt, as a gift, who knows ?, I knew that it could have been useful so I kept it).
Then outside of the church I meet Christine and I ask her if she knows the result of her tests, she said : Not yet, I am still with the doctors, after these clinical tests I believe they should know.
Ok I am listening and I respect her thoughts, but in the afternoon I go over to visit and I bring my oil with me, by now I know it’s destined for her and I ask her if she likes the job that she is doing.
She replies ‘you know, my previous job was working with the children at nursery school (I think milk, childhood) now that I work with older, disabled boys it’s more difficult, but it is ok, maybe I will change job if I find the opportunity, I certainly liked it better before.
Well, at the end of the day, the test results come and the doctors still did not understand what she is suffering from! Great. So now she is hospitalized, as of yesterday, she was hospitalized at once for tests.
This morning I was doing my homework, she calls me from the hospital, (in that moment I was just thinking about calling her parent’s house to find out something about her, and she tells me ‘Licia, I do not believe I can make it for Sunday school, I hope I will, but I do not know yet how long the doctors will keep me here. Anyway I wanted to tell you that yes, you guessed it right, it was the crusta lacteal. As soon as I arrived in the hospital they applied an oil that is used to treat that condition and they asked my mother if I had had this illness already as a baby’.
What can I say ?
I say our Angels are phenomenal and I am happy for Christine that it is nothing serious.
Confirmations the Sky always Answers back The Right Messages Flash of Inspiration Experiences
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