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Guides of Light Angels

Guides of Light Angels Guardian Angels Entities and communication of growth Seeing an Angel Story

Guides of Light Angels : my life has always been in contact with Angels and Guides of Light; the abilities of a medium that I showed to have since I was very young let me be a some sort of means of many Entities and communications of growth for many people; but one thing is being a medium, another thing is seeing an Angel.

They told me I would have met Him and that maybe it could have been really my Guardian Angel. This was the message that “They” let me get from almost everywhere including from the youngest of my daughters, who has given evidence that she has got my same capacities of being a medium. It’s as true as we often need others to talk to us about our realities, because we can’t do it ourselves. Simply because we couldn’t stand them or we’d change them!

The fact is that my life with no sense always needed a sign since when my loving husband passed on to “Them”, and that day I thought of everything, except of a sign.

I was going to the doctor’s and it was a very rainy day. Last year after the middle of autumn, I was going to cross an railway subway that sadly reminded me of a horrible incidence that reminded me of when someone snatched my bag. Suddenly I saw a handsome young blond man, he was very tall, dressed very smart, about thirty years old. His aspect roused respect and safeness along with great kindness and nobility in the way he moved. He was wearing a refined waistcoat under a very classic light suit (too light for such a grey and rainy day!)

Knowing that subway was dangerous mostly for old aged people like me, and seeing my unpleasant past experience, I asked him if he could walked me up to the end of the subway. “Very willingly” he replied. Then letting me take his arm he added almost sadly: “What a lot of souls have suffered here!” He wanted to walk me to the doctor’s entrance which was about fifty metres away. He spoke very little, but his shiny and penetrating eyes spoke for him instead. I said goodbye to him and I went into the surgery.

After more than an hour not thinking of him anymore, I saw him again under the pouring rain waiting for me at the exit. He asked me if he could walk me on the way back. I felt confused for so much attention. Anyway, seeing he insisted I agreed joyfully. More than once I asked him to come under my large umbrella, but he always refused, saying at the end: “ Everything that comes down from the sky is blessed. Rain comes down from the sky, and so it is too.” I thanked him gratefully at the exit of the subway and said goodbye; he replied with a great wave of his arm and a lovely smile.

On the way back I had the clear sensation that something very strange and particular had happened, but I couldn’t understand what. Only when I got home, when I told my elder daughter about my adventure I remembered what it was: not even a drop had wet that wonderful Creature’s clothes. And me, although I had used the umbrella I was soaking while he had been perfectly dry all the time.


Guides of Light Angels Guardian Angels Entities and communication of growth Seeing an Angel Story


www.leparoledegliangeli.com/en (the words of the Angels)


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