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Help from Guardian Angels

>Help from Guardian Angels An attentive Angel testimonies of Angels the bunch of keys

Help from Guardian Angels : I received help from Guardian Angels, on Saturday someone borrowed me his car; first I had to go to the market, and then to the supermarket, I got the documents, keys, and I went off; we are so used to doing usual gestures, and our mind doesn’t stop to notice them anymore; I got at the market “how nice there’s a car par right next to one of the entrances”, I got off, set the alarm automatically and I went off.

I crossed the road, in the middle of the crossroads I got a very strong feeling, something important had happened, I suddenly stopped without realizing I was in the middle of a crossroad, “what’s the matter?”, I wondered, I felt I had to lift my hand and look at the bunch of keys. Slowly I do so, one, two, three keys, a little plastic ring, “what’s this little ring?, I don’t know, I felt I had to take another look at the keys, they were feelings, I didn’t notice anything strange, everything was alright, at that point I put then into my bag and went into the market.

I had a chat with the sellers, with the people at the stalls, I got what I needed and I went out with my shopping bags.

I reached the car, got the bunch of keys, and only then I wondered “how am I supposed to remove the car alarm ?”.

On the key there was only one switch “how strange, I don’t think I have to use this one”, nevertheless, I pressed it, the car door opened, but the alarm started to sound, I hate that sound, I tried again twice or three times, it was always the same, I couldn’t understand, I couldn’t remember how to remove the alarm, I asked three or four men passing by if they could help me, It seemed as if nobody knew how to, only a woman cared for me, she understood the problem, but she couldn’t help me, I didn’t know what to do, the owner of the car would have finished his lesson at 5 pm and It wasn’t even midday, and I didn’t even have my mobile.

I didn’t know what to do, what could do?, at last I had an intelligent idea, I had to go back to the same place where I had that feeling, I stopped and looked on the ground, there was a little hole “there it was, the car alarm device, It was the one I usually used to set and remove the alarm, then I understood what the little plastic ring belonged to, to the device that broke right in that place”.

I picked it up and showed it to the lady, I thanked her of her attention, we smiled to each other, I said goodbye to her and got off in the car.

Thank you my Love, thank you my dear Angel, I felt it, but I didn’t understand, but tell me, was it you who pushed it into the little hole?, because with all those cars passing there a tyre could have turned the device into a pancake, thank you again my treasure, you’re always paying attention even to little things.

Help from Guardian Angels An attentive Angel testimonies of Angels the bunch of keys are phrases from Sara Luce

Help from Guardian Angels An attentive Angel testimonies of Angels the bunch of keys

Help from Guardian Angels

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