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Angel A stylized Angel a figure

Angel A stylized Angel a figure emotions joy and euphoria testimonial

Angel A stylized Angel a figure : dear Sara, I know you stay up late to manage the post of who like me wants to share his or her testimony, but please when you can find some time to evaluate the things I’m going to tell you some thing; it’s about what happened to me not long ago and that made me discover your site.

I had come back home from work and I wasn’t particularly feeling fit, on he contrary…I was tired and thinking about the day I had. I was so “angry”.

My 6 year old daughter was fiddling with one of those chores she loves doing, and then she gives away as a present.

I was getting ready to have a shower, and she came up to me saying: “Daddy, do you like my chore?”

To be sincere I didn’t understand what it was. There were many sheets of paper stuck together symmetrically, but not in an elegant way.

“ Nice” I said to please her ,”What is it?”

She shrugged her shoulders saying. “I don’t know. It’s yours.”

Obviously I accepted it looking at my wife, who had arrived in the meantime, as if to say: “What is it?” She looked at me an whispered: “I don’t know”

I took another look at it: they were two folded sheets of paper, glued at the point to a big heart with underneath written in infant writing “I LOVE YOU”.

I spread it out on the buffet, thinking that sooner or later I would have thrown it away, getting ready to have my shower.

Just then I had a shock!...

I couldn’t believe it…

That figure was a stylized Angel.

From then on for at least 20 minutes I had had a some feelings I never had felt before: joy and euphoria were taking turns, and alternating with laughter and I was almost in tears. I felt as if I was having a “visit.”

I went on saying: “THANK YOU, GOD EXISTS” and I kept on repeating it while having my shower.

Gradually this state stated to fade until it disappeared, but the consciousness of having been something of a enormous privilege has been with me up till today.

On the following days surfing on the Internet I discovered your lovely site.

This is my testimony dear Sara.

Best wishes, Carlo

Angel A stylized Angel a figure emotions joy and euphoria testimonial

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