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Mother Teresa words a time of discouragement

Mother Teresa words a time of discouragement message from up there

Mother Teresa words a time of discouragement : hi Sara, my name’s Cristiana, I found your site about a year ago, and today I spent all the afternoon reading the witnesses; I believe in God and in the presence of these magnificent beings called Angels; I would like to tell you about what happened to me today just before popping into your site.

I suffer from depression since many years, since I was a child I think, (Now I’m thirty-three) but I’m not doing any therapy. It’s not a serious depression, because I’m living a normal life, but every now and then, my inner pain takes over. Today’s an bad one. Alone at home with my desperate crying and thoughts of suicide, I end up by chance on the blog of someone I don’t know, and I read these lovely words:


Life’s an opportunity, seize it,

Life’s beautiful, admire it,

Life’s bliss, enjoy it,

Life’s a dream, make it become real,

Life’s a challenge, face it,

Life’s duty, do it,

Life’s a game, play it,

Life’s precious, take care of it,

Life’s richness, keep it,

Life’s love, enjoy it,

Life’s mystery, discover it,

Life’s a promise, keep it,

Life’s sadness, overcome it,

Life’s a hymn, sing it,

Life’s a fight, accept it,

Life’s an adventure, risk it,

Life’s happiness, deserve it,

Life’s life, defend it.


Mother Teresa


Just only by reading these words, I was already calming down, and my heart opened up. I nearly got frightened when I read who was the author at the end of the page.

It was an encouraging message from up There. Someone who tried to encourage me, someone who wanted to remind me about the value of Life at a time I’d have wanted to put an end to it? Someone who wanted to deliberately use a go-between like Mother Teresa knowing that I admire her so.

Bye bye Cristiana

Mother Teresa words a time of Discouragement message from up there

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