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Angels and Dreams A soft Touch

Angels and Dreams A soft Touch with Harmony a Meeting the Angel guides

Angels and Dreams A soft Touch : dear Sara, today I tel you about Angels and dreams and a soft touch experience, I have asked you so many times for some advise that you have always gently given me, but at the end I have never told you about my experience; I was reading about some experiences with Angels, all nice and very fascinating, so I thought to do the same too.

When I became curious, because at the beginning I was curious to know if I could get in contact with my Angel too, I saw a lot of TV programmes about Angels, I thought of looking on the Internet, I came up on your site, and I liked it so much that it made me feel peaceful.

I went to buy a booklet about Guardian Angels and after that I started to pray to them, after two or three months I had a dream, I was in a hospital, a hospital I know rather well, because my grandfather died there, suddenly a young man with an inhuman beauty, with blond hair and green eyes like frog leaves in a pond came into the room, I wasn’t ill, but I don’t know why I was in that hospital, he looked at me and went out, he was so handsome that I followed him, but he had disappeared, suddenly I was in a garden, in a garden full of flowers, flowers that don’t exist on the market on Earth, I can’t describe their beauty, and on each flower there was a butterfly, the butterfly was as big as a bird, and the same colour as the flower, I was so enchanted and afraid that the butterflies would have flew away, that I stumbled backwards, again in front of me the young man!!!, I looked at him still enchanted, I sat on a little wall, and I noticed that he went near the flowers, I cried out “don’t touch the flowers!!!, the butterflies will fly away!!!”, but he put His white hand on a flower, the butterfly went on the palm of his hand and divided itself into thirty/forty normal butterflies all the same colour as the big one, the same thing happened with other three flowers, I was watching Him, and I asked him, “what’s your name?” he said “Gabriel".

That made me get to know my Angel’s name after such a long time I kept on asking Him, obviously I didn’t get in a perfect contact with Him, but I know that it’s going to happen, and I feel I’m the happiest person in the world, excuse me for having wrote a long letter, but it’s impossible to write a short one.

I hope that this experience of mine, if you want to issue it, can encourage people who haven’t had signs, but will do soon, thank you from the bottom of my heart, with affection

Angels and Dreams A soft Touch with Harmony a Meeting the Angel guides are phrases of Antonia

Angels and Dreams A soft Touch with Harmony a Meeting the Angel guides

Angels and Dreams A soft Touch

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