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Guardian Angels Help From Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels Help From Guardian Angels Driving Home From The Dance Club
Guardian Angels Help From Guardian Angels : it was Sunday morning at about 5; I was driving home from the dance club with some friends of mine; the previous afternoon, knowing that in the evening we were going to dance, I wanted to rest a little. I went to sleep after lunch; let me clarify that I am not the type that goes dancing all that often, but when I do go, I like to enjoy myself and not think of anything; that night we decided to drive to a club to a different town, about 60 kilometers away; a calm and fun evening; when we were ready to go back home, we were all sleepy, but because I was the only one who had slept in the afternoon I was by default the most rested of them all, so the group decided I should be the driver.
So we drove toward home. During the trip, everyone in the car fell into a quick and deep sleep, I did not want to disturb them so I turned the radio off. Half way home my tiredness increased and sleepiness was creeping in, but I still felt ready to keep driving and besides I knew that in 15 minutes I would be home.
I was fighting against speed and against sleepiness! Suddenly, I don’t know how it happened, all I remember is that I no longer saw the street because sleep set in and I could not see. It was just one moment, I did not have the chance to see anything. I ended up driving down the opposite lane and luckily no-one was driving from the other way, and I heard a scream, a male and very powerful voice. The voice I heard shouting inside my temples was saying: “Peppe, wake up! Careful, open your eyes!:” and I felt as if someone in front of me grabbed my shoulders and kept shaking me. In front of me there was only the steering wheel.
I woke up suddenly, I saw that I was about to drive off the road over on the opposite side. In the car no-one noticed my maneuvers, everybody was asleep, and no-one heard the voice. It was only me who heard that voice, different from my friend’s voice! Had I not woken up when I did, we would have certainly all died. The voice was clear, even the touch was true. Someone protected me.
An Angel?
Guardian Angels Help From Guardian Angels Driving Home From The Dance Club are the words from Peppe
Guardian Angels Help From Guardian Angels
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