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Beyond Physical Life Witnessing

Beyond Physical Life Witnessing About Life Beyond Life On Earth
Beyond Physical Life Witnessing : the witnessing you are going to read is a gift to all of you from Annalisa Occhipinti; a woman told me that since she was little, while she was in bed, if she used to hang her hand out, another hand used to come and hold hers lovingly, so she felt reassured and all her fears disappeared.
Often, when by chance she was in that position and that touch came by surprise, she instinctively withdrew her hand and that interrupted the contact … Essentially, she knew when to do it and when to be cuddled by the hand. Obviously next to her bed there was no physical presence.
Time went by and that little girl grew up and became a woman and she went on feeling the hand. She got married, but she didn’t tell her husband fearing he wouldn’t have believed her. She was expecting, and the hand disappeared ....
She missed that loving and familiar presence that had always been with her since she was little. There was no hand to hold hers so tenderly anymore. A wonderful baby girl was born.
A short time after her birth, while she was in her bed, her daughter got hold of her hand. She immediately and clearly recognized that familiar feeling and felt it in all her body and mind. Her protector had come back. She cried for joy. She felt a new great source of Love inside of her and found a connection that she knew was going to last long beyond physical existence.
Beyond Physical Life Witnessing About Life Beyond Life On Earth are words of Annalisa
Beyond Physical Life Witnessing
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