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Twin Souls Meeting Of Souls

Twin Souls Meeting Of Souls Shared Growth Projects
Twin Souls Meeting Of Souls : the testimonial I am presenting to you today is as unique as it is precious, we know from the Sky that Twin Souls are those Souls who, before incarnating, while still in the Sky, plan a meeting that will certainly take place on earth, to develop a shared project, then we are born, and the unawareness of any such agreements takes hold of us, however, I will leave you to the words of Anna and her testimonial.
Dear Sara Luce, I need your advice or your opinion about an issue that goes back a very long time. The story is long and complex, but I will try to narrow it down.
It’s 1997. I work in a store and something strange happens: a man walks into the shop, accompanied by a little girl, about 5/6 years old. The man speaks to us, asks questions, buys some stuff. The little girl remains on one side, completely ignored by the man, she keeps looking at me, but she does not say a word. The man continues to completely ignore the girl whom I am guessing is his daughter, to the point where I ask him: “Is she your daughter?” He replies: “Who?” and I said “The little girl” he replied “What little girl?” Then I understood he did not see her, so my heart stopped for a moment, I turned to the girl, but she was gone.
In the days and months following that I begin to perceive a presence next to me, very warm and energetic, and I convince myself that “the little girl” is next to me all the time. I find myself thinking that perhaps she could be the daughter I was supposed to have, but I am single (and still am today) so I have no plans to have children. Months go by and this presence is ever more constant.
After a few months my sister in law is pregnant, and suddenly that very strong feeling of a presence simply stops. I hope that the creature that my sister in law is expecting is that little girl, because by now I had grown fond of her. However, in 1998, my nephew is born, a boy, so it could not be her.
Years go by, and even if I will never forget that amazing experience, I do end up gradually thinking about it less and less.
In 2007 I am working in an office, a new employee, same age as me, joins our company. There is immediately a good understanding between us, we start a sincere bond as colleagues/friends. My new colleague has two children, a boy and a girl, the girl was born the same year and same month as my nephew. After a few months of being friends she shows me a picture of her two children. My heart stops beating for a moment as I recognize the little girl, she looks exactly like that girl that many years ago I had seen in my shop. I am left shaken by this event, and of course I keep it all to myself.
Last year my colleague fell seriously ill and now is suffering tremendously, and I don’t even know if she will pull through. I am obviously extremely pained by this, but also completely astonished because it is becoming evident that all of this, my little girl, our meeting, all this can not be by chance. It’s just that I do not understand what it all means for me, for her, for the little girl, and I am very scared and anguished.
I don’t know who to talk to about this, and therefore I am writing to you. Reading your website I found many beautiful answers and maybe with time I will get an answer to my own question. If you could tell me what you think of this, I would be very grateful, but if you are not able to, I am thankful anyway, just for the opportunity to share this story with you.
Thank you, a warm goodbye,
Twin Souls Meeting Of Souls Shared Growth Projects was told by Anna
Twin Souls Meeting Of Souls Shared Growth Projects
Twin Souls Meeting Of Souls
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