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My Angel Is My Companion For A Life

My Angel Is My Companion For A Life In The Present Memories Of Your Guardian Angel


My Angel Is My Companion For A Life


A few days following the 2nd of October, day of the Guardian Angel, and therefore also of your own Guardian Angel, I chose to share this testimonial with you, an experience of a vision of the Guardian Angel. Experience that recalls Tobias, our main character, as he reminisced about his childhood, but let’s go ahead and listen to his testimonial:


My dearest Sara, I was almost desperately seeking someone with whom I can share and discuss my experience, I stumbled upon your site, I saw it, read it, and I loved it. I write to you to ask for your opinion on something that happened to me three nights ago.


I went to bed at about 3 pm at night, that night I was more tired than usual, my eyelids were very heavy, I just wanted to sleep. So I went to bed and in a few minutes I fell asleep, which is rare for me since sometimes it can take well over an hour just to fall asleep.


I woke up suddenly, I felt a presence in my bedroom, however I felt calm, I was not nervous, I was very peaceful, I opened my eyes and I saw this figure in front of me, it was dressed in white, with long blond curly hair and his face had very feminine traits, very delicate features.


We looked at each other for a moment, and then I told myself: “It’s my Angel”, I tried to call him: “Come here, come closer to me, please come here”, and at that point he (or she) smiled and vanished in a flash of white light. I laid down in my bed again, but I did not feel disappointed that he had left, I was ecstatic, and I kept repeating to myself: It was my Angel, it was my Angel.


Now I would like to clarify one thing, so you can understand a detail that I offered. I specifically said that the Angel had feminine facial features. Well, when I was in high school, just before the final exams, in the evening I would leave the house to go for a walk, between 8:30 and 9:00 pm. During my solitary evening walks I would talk out loud about my problems and my worries, I felt the need to do it; then I would return home and as I would fall sleep I would feel a presence in my bedroom, but it was always a reassuring presence, albeit something I could never quite explain.


With each day that passed, I started to give a name to this presence with which I was talking, I named it “Zaira”, and the funny part is that only a few days ago I found out that the Hindi name “Zahira” means “manifestation/light” and this lead me right back to what happened three nights ago. Could this Zaira really be my Guardian Angel, and is it possible that I  felt his presence all the way back to those evenings in high school? And why did he decide to manifest himself to me?


While I wait for for a kind answer, I send you my warm regards,


My Angel Is My Companion For A Life In The Present Memories Of Your Guardian Angel was the testimonial of Tobias


My Angel Is My Companion For A Life In The Present Memories Of Your Guardian Angel


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