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Guardian Angel I did not see the Epiphany

Guardian Angel I did not see the Epiphany Witch but I saw my Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel I did not see the Epiphany : hello dear Sara, I am sure it was my Guardian Angel who sent me here so that I may have even more validation and then have the courage to share my experience with you; I was a small girl, I was about 5/6 years old (now I am 56), it’s been a long time, but the memory is still alive in my mind. It was night, the night that all children await impatiently, the arrival of the Epiphany Witch (Italian Religious Folklore character)


I will clarify that in the house we lived in there was only one bedroom, my parents’, so my sister and I, my sister was 2 years older than me, we shared a bed, we slept in the living room which also acted as our bedroom, as well as the corridor. Every year my dad would set up a beautiful Christmas Tree in our living room, a cypress, and to me it was the most beautiful tree in the world.


I had decided to force myself to stay awake for the night so that I would “see” the Witch. I blindly believed in her, just like all innocent children did, and I would wait, and wait, but nothing happened. The only I saw was my mother crossing the living room to go to the bathroom. I really did not want to fall asleep, I was still hoping to see her. I had no idea how much time had elapsed, I kept on tossing and turning in my bed. I remember that I was lying in bed on my right side, toward the wall, and I turned again to the other side, and that’s when I saw it, a little child, on his knees, in front of my bed, on my side, I could not see his face very clearly because his head was slightly bowed and his little hands were together as if he was praying. His hair was short but not too short, I don’t remember if he had wings, but I remember very well the color of his robe, it was a very deep azure, shiny like satin, even though the room was completely dark, obviously I could not see his entire silhouette because I was in bed, but I remember that it was all very clear.


I immediately realized, it was a little Angel, he was there for me! I don’t know why I was not scared, I could not imagine that instead of the Witch I would have received a visit from my Guardian Angel! So, after a few moments of shock, I immediately went back under the covers and I was almost afraid to breathe, I was still awake for a long time after that, until sleep had the better of me.


In the morning I immediately remembered, I told my mother what had happened but she told me that it must have surely been a dream, but I knew very well that it was all true. It’s been so many years since then, I never forgot it, I lived my life with joys and also with many sorrows.


I have always been both a believer and I practiced my faith, I used to pray before the meeting with the Angel, but since a few years ago my faith has deepened even more, because of a very painful event that my family endured a few years ago. At that time I knew a couple of people who had also met with their Guardian Angels, and so I started to think all over again about my own, at the privilege of having met him, the desire to know his name.


Over time I felt even more and more attracted to the study of Angels, I kept seeking and searching on the internet, until I arrived here, this is certainly due to my dear Angel who guided me here, he wanted me to tell you about my experience.


I never saw him again, but I feel him very present with me, he helped me so many times, even in times of danger, but often when I think about him, or when I talk to him, I feel all of his warmth inside me, all his Love. One morning it was an Angelic caress that woke me up, a wonderful sensation, unique, I had never felt it before, I could not even describe it, and it could not have been anything but his hand! I love you my dear Angel Mikael! I have received confirmation of his name just a couple of days ago!


Forgive me Sara if I dragged this for too long, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I send a hug to you and to all of our loved Angels!


Guardian Angel I did not see the Epiphany Witch but I saw my Guardian Angel was the testimonial of Annarella


Guardian Angel I did not see the Epiphany Witch but I saw my Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel I did not see the Epiphany


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