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Believing In Life After Death

Believing In Life After Death Between Shock And Wonder Testimonials


Believing In Life After Death


Hello Sara, my name is Patrizia, I am 55, I live in Vicenza Italy and I often read your website on the internet, where I find words of faith and hope that make me feel good, especially right now.


It’s been over a year since I lost my mother, and even if she was not very young, she had just turned 83, she was a lovely and vivacious elderly lady. I still can not fill the void she left, and I believe that when the parents leave us (I lost my father 8 and a half years ago) there is also a part of us that dies with him, and the only thing that gives me strength not to fall into despair is the belief that some day I will see them again, and that in any case “they” are always around us!


I took the liberty to send you this mail, because something just happened that seems completely unbelievable to me. I had other strange events, but this one left me perplexed. I am here, sitting at my desk in the office where I work, and I heard something fall off from me. I look on the floor in the direction where I heard the noise, and I see the gold cross that belonged to my mother, which I have been wearing on my necklace, together with other small pendants from the time when she returned home to the Lord.


I always wear this chain with the pendants, underneath my clothes. The chain’s latch is perfectly shut and on the actual hook of the latch is another tiny pendant from my mother, because the hook ring is too narrow and the pendant won’t go through, and this pendant on the lock is perfectly still in its place. The ring of the cross is perfect, it’s even welded there and there is no way it could possibly be opened. It’s as if someone opened the necklace and removed the cross. Do you think this could be a nice sign?


I thank you for the attention and I am sure that the mission you are pursuing will help so many people like me.


A hug,


Believing In Life After Death Between Shock And Wonder Testimonials was told by Patrizia


Believing In Life After Death Between Shock And Wonder Testimonials


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