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Experiences Lived With Angels

Experiences Lived With Angels The Answer Of The Guardian Angel


Experiences Lived With Angels


Hello Sara Luce!!! Here I am again, but this time I would like to share a little coincidence


For years now I have been suffering from migraines with aura, medication eases the symptoms a little, but they do not stop the migraine from attacking me when I least expect it.


For me this has become a nightmare, how do you manage to mast the pain when you are at work or with other people, when you practically only see from one eye and nausea takes over you?


Sadly this happened to me while I was at work and they had to literally carry me home.


When I go shopping, often the neon lights trigger migraine attacks.


Living with the nightmare that you may have an attack is awful, and when it does happen I feel like crying from the mortification.


Now I am working as a baby sitter and every time I am terrified that I may have an attack while I am looking after the little girl.


I asked my Guardian Angel, I don’t know his name, to help me and to make sure the attacks would not happen ever again, and I believe he must have heard me.


The thing that touched me deeply is that yesterday I was in bed with a book in my hands, but I was thinking about migraines and I was considering whether I ought to go for another test, besides these test are quite costly and I don’t exactly swim in money, so I asked my Angel if I could just stay serene and not worry about taking the test or whether I should put my name on the list for it, I was quite nervous about this.


Well, I had the book open in front of me, and my gaze fell upon a sentence: “I was well. They were the first signs of serenity”


What do you think? Is it the answer from the Angel? I believe so, but at the same time I don’t want to kid myself.


Bye Sara Luce




Experiences Lived With Angels The Answer Of The Guardian Angel was the testimonial of Giusy


Experiences Lived With Angels The Answer Of The Guardian Angel


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