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God Really Exists I Saw Him Vision

God Really Exists I Saw Him Vision Appears the Image of God


God Really Exists I Saw Him Vision


8th of May 8-5-2012


Yesterday, at about 10:30, I realized that God exists.


A couple of days beforehand I was asking myself that question, wondering if He existed or not, and He did not waste any time in answering me.


On the 7th of May I was in downtown Brescia Italy, seated in a bus, suddenly I felt an unusual feeling of well-being, more elevated than that, I felt more in communication with life and with God, and in front of me appeared the image of myself and of Him behind and above me, he was leaning over me, I saw him and I felt like an arm that was descending upon me and a spiritual hand that was touching me, between the head and the shoulder, it almost seemed like he wanted to caress me, he was sending me affectionate harmony, there and then I had the feeling that it was Him, and I understood that He exists. God is a reality.


Everything in the image I saw was white, he had long hair, at the beginning I thought he was Jesus Christ because he seemed young, but then I understood that he was God: he was there in all his simplicity and power, and I thought that I had in front of me the Omnipotence in person; in a flash in my mind flew images of people that could have represented power and wealth, then I looked at him again, and I saw the simplicity and the superiority personified, the people and the wealth in this world are nothing compared to Him, because he was the owner of Earth, and right in that moment He wanted to show himself as “a plain and simple Human Being, almost insignificant”. This is true Might.


He just wanted to answer my thoughts from a few days earlier.


If I ever have to talk about Him, I will always say that God exists, because I saw him.


God Really Exists I Saw Him Vision Appears the Image of God was the testimonial of Italo


God Really Exists I Saw Him Vision Appears the Image of God


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