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Guardian Angel Experience of Contact Help with reawakening

Guardian Angel Experience of Contact Help with reawakening


Hello dear Sara. By now, visiting your website has become my “daily bread”, I can not go without it, and I am sure it’s the same for many others. Before finding your site I saw other similar sites, but yours is “unique”, and “alive”. These last few days I really appreciated the messages from the Sky that you published. They really help the soul and they make us reflect. However, every day I always hope to read new angelic testimonials.


On this subject, I would like to ask your opinion. I will say that all my life I have been suffering from chronic migraines, so I can not do certain things, like sleeping in at weekends, because it would mean a guaranteed headache, and I would be sick all day. On Saturdays I do not work and I always ask my husband to come and wake me up before he leaves to make sure I am well awake.


Last Saturday, as usual, he came to wake me up (I was sleeping very soundly and I would have certainly continued to sleep because I have been feeling very tired for a while now) to wake me up, he touched me because I am a little deaf. I kept telling myself “Now I’ll get up otherwise I am going to sleep again”. Well, the moment I realized I was about to crash again, once again I felt myself being touched. I turned around, thinking that my husband had returned, but I was alone. It seemed very strange. When he returned I talked to him about it and he assured him that he did not return to wake me. And this is how I got a revelation, what if it was my Angel who woke me up, knowing that otherwise I would have been sick all day?


I am certain that I felt someone tap my legs, but like I said, there was nobody there. What do you think? Have you ever read a similar testimonial? If you can not reply do not worry, you are likely very busy. Thank you anyway for reading my letter. An embrace,


Guardian Angel Experience of Contact Help with reawakening was the testimonial of Annarella


Guardian Angel Experience of Contact Help with reawakening


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