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Existence Of My Guardian Angel Angelic Proofs

Existence Of My Guardian Angel Angelic Proofs In Coincidences


Existence Of My Guardian Angel Angelic Proofs : hello Sara, let me explain that I have always believed in the existence of my Guardian Angel, but recently I had the opportunity to get to know my Angel much better, (especially) thanks to you; let’s just say that I am going through a moment of many high and lows, (more lows than highs) and during one of my “low” days I bumped into your website (and another one), seeking answers regarding my way of interpreting the Angel Cards that I just purchased.


Looking at the instructions on how to get in touch with your Angels, at the time where I read that I had to ask for his name ….. well …. This one name literally exploded in my head, the name of my Guardian Angel: Sara.


I admit, I was shocked, left confused by this literal “Apparition”.


I kept reading your site, that evening I was going to the movies, I ‘tried” to ask for a parking lot close to the entrance, following your example.


I found the parking spot.


My heart exploded.


The following day I was bringing a gift to a friend, and, as if I was playing, I asked Sara to make my friend mention the word Angel during our conversation.


It was something like a ‘test”.


Later on I realized that it was a mistake on my part, it was impossible to ask because of the Free Will, however the (first) real proof of the day arrived soon after I met my friend.


I stop at a stop sign, while I was talking to Sara, a bus drove in front of me, with an advertising sign that read “Now believe in it”.


Once again, I nearly started crying …


I arrived at my friend and she told me ”How nice, today was an important anniversary and I had just asked for a gift, a gesture”.


Just that very day!


But it’s not the end of it.


For a long time I have been meaning to get a tattoo, but I was not sure on the subject. The events of the last days made me reflect and now I started looking for something that would reflect the recent events.


In my mind I had the symbol of eternity, where I would have liked to see the figure of the letter S.


Anyway, I fell asleep and when I woke up I looked up tattoo samples on the internet.


The first I found was the symbol of eternity with something written on the bottom, on the left side below, the word Love, but the funny part is that …. pay attention now …. it resembled the symbol of eternity, exactly a capital S written in italic.




These were the first two days, just to give you an idea of how I am feeling now.


Sorry if I chatted too much, I felt like doing this also because it’s only thanks to you if now I am living this splendid sensation.


Thank you,


Existence Of My Guardian Angel Angelic Proofs In Coincidences was the testimonial of Marco


Existence Of My Guardian Angel Angelic Proofs In Coincidences


Existence Of My Guardian Angel Angelic Proofs


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