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I Saw My Angel Healing Angels

I Saw My Angel Healing Angels Two Spheres And A Gold Shower Experiences


I Saw My Angel Healing Angels : two spheres and a gold shower, good evening Mrs. Sara Luce, my name is Silvia and I am 20 years old,I would like to tell you something that happened to me not long ago, I had a bad accident where I nearly lost my life, to put it in a few words, due to something stupid that I did, I fell down the stairs of the entrance to our University, the steps are made of granite and were very slippery, I slipped forward and I slid down eight steps entirely on my belly, the last step hit me deep into my stomach.


I had an exam that day …. with a struggle I managed to get myself back up again (actually, it took 5 people to pick me up because I could not breathe), and from 11 in the morning I waited until 1:30 pm, I did my exam and then I went back home. In the following two days, I felt a terrible pain in my stomach, it even hurt to breathe. My dad took me to the emergency room and following a visit and some tests, the doctors told me very carefully that “Young lady, your spleen is completely disintegrated, your stomach and your left side are completely covered with blood …. if you want to live, we have to operate right now! Otherwise, you can say hello to us from Paradise when you become a little Angel …..”, I went into a complete state of panic, I was afraid …. a lot of fear because I did not think that it could be so severe.


They operated on me, everything went well, but there were some complications later. I risked contracting an infection and for my tissues to go into gangrene, because everything got infected, firstly internally and then even of an external infection … I was becoming weaker and weaker … I was afraid … afraid to go, like this, without any power to do anything … I saw the fear in my parent’s eyes …. fear to lose a daughter … and I saw the same fear when the doctors told me that they had to operate me to save my life.


I spent various days under anesthesia, but I did get a chance to see my beloved Angel …. He told me to stay calm that everything was going to be just fine. And I knew that my Angel was there with me, this was not some side effect from the anesthesia. In the following days, I saw him again … I saw my Angel and my mum’s Angel, I believe, because I initially saw two lights, like two globes that fluttered around the room and I was confessing to my mum that I was so afraid, because the wound was infected and it was not healing …. I was terribly afraid … and then they arrived …. one of them kept moving to the ceiling of the room and the other was on my bed, and I watched as some kind of gold rain started taking the shape of a human being, and touched my mum … in that moment I felt like I was being lightly touched, very softly, someone was touching my back, even though there was nobody behind me … my mum had been terribly worried, and yet she left the room looking more serene, and the following day my wound was getting better, slowly, but it was improving.


Now, almost a month and a half later, I got discharged and I am home, but this has changed me immensely, as if when they removed my spleen they also removed a piece of me …. I feel different, ever since I woke back up on that hospital bed, I know that I am a new me, I know that I have received the possibility to start all over again from the beginning and to move on, therefore I thank my Angel who was close to me and who never left me, not even in the most critical moment ….


Regards, Silvia


Ps – the surgeons have called this a miracle, considering the conditions that I arrived in…. I believe they are right, a wonderful miracle


I Saw My Angel Healing Angels Two Spheres And A Gold Shower was the testimonial of Silvia


I Saw My Angel Healing Angels Two Spheres And A Gold Shower Experiences


I Saw My Angel Healing Angels


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