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Facing Life I Already Had A Miracle

Facing Life I Already Had A Miracle Of Healing My Soul


Facing Life I Already Had A Miracle : sometimes, since our childhood, we have certain dreams, we make projects, we have wishes that we always hope will come true in the future, sometimes, however, either destiny itself or something else brings us some unpleasant surprises, mine was in 1995, due to a car accident I lost my best friend, Franco, and to date, I still have to use a wheelchair to move around etc.


Ever since the day of the incident, many things have changed in my life, my thoughts changed, and also the thoughts of the people who used to know me and used to be around me, I always thought that in my not-so-straightforward journey I could have always relied on so many people and friends, both male and female friends, but I was wrong; I spent eight months in a rehabilitation enter, before sending me home they gave me a little insight as to what to expect once I re-entered society and my usual crowd, everything they told me turned out to be accurate, the only people who turned out to be truly close to me were my family.


I asked myself day and night the reason for all this, but I noticed that the more I thought about all these things that made me languish so much, the more I was stopping myself from making progress in my journey, not a simple one at that.


Perhaps it was because I had lost my serenity, my inner happiness, which I had always had, even the day of the accident I was conscious of what was happening at exactly 8:15 am on that day of April 1st, even if sometimes I did wonder why it had to happen to me! And mostly, the “why” when the first aid personnel arrived, they did not use the appropriate equipment to transport me from the spot where I was to the road, they dragged me without using either a stretcher or any other device, and by so doing they ended up stretching and damaging my spinal cord, it turns out that I actually initially only had a spinal trauma, which in all likelihood was going to be healed in 5-6 months with a lot of physiotherapy, and I could have walked again, but, then again, destiny had other plans for me.


I was isolating myself like a kind of a hedgehog, I no longer left the house, often I asked God if I deserved all this, especially when in my situation other issues begin to arise due to the fact that I am constantly in a sitting position; my days were always eternally long, full of dark thoughts, and slowly, over time, I watched as people who used to be very dear to me were distancing themselves, and for this I suffered even more.


Now I live in San Teodoro, on the Costa Esmeralda, in Sardinia, Italy, here I found special people, I have many friends both male and female, I have a lot of fun, I practice a lot of sports, and with the work I do I have the opportunity to meet extraordinary people, I practically regained that internal serenity and happiness I had lost, which is the most important thing, both in my situation, but I believe it is true also with every other single person; I absolutely love listening to people, friends, both when they are happy but also in moments when they are not so happy. In my opinion, true friendship is a very important gift which needs to be nurtured all the time, we always think of nice things, but sometimes life is not like that.


I can not expect to walk or run again, because I already had a miracle, the miracle of healing my Soul, smiling all the time, seeing every positive aspect and giving a lot to people simply by talking; sometimes there are also disappointments, but the important thing is to always give … I wish all my friends, all people who know me well, I wish them all the goodness of this world, and I tell them that many things, while not necessarily pretty, can always be resolved, the important thing is to always be positive, but most importantly being always happy and smiling, even when things are not going quite the way we want them to, and sometimes it’s good to think that someone from up there is guiding us on our journey; I have already received a gift, I call it love for others, loving people, and doing everything in your power so that a smile may always be on their faces, and the lust for life may always be in them; life is beautiful.


Now, for my current situation:


Right after the accident, I could not feel anything from the ribcage down, it was as if my body actually ended right there, now, 18 years later, I have regained many things, thanks to God and to my willpower, my desire to see everything positively while avoiding illusions, living the day, always thinking that there are people who are feeling worse than me, my progress has been slow but important, like regaining sensitivity to the legs, the feet, feeling heat or cold in some parts of my legs, feeling hot or cold air, but most importantly I am able, through my thoughts, to feel parts of my body that before I could not feel even if someone touched me, as I think of my leg my leg starts to hurt, I think about moving a foot and internally I feel something moving, something that creates pain, etc.


My record? Staying upright for a minute and twenty seconds on the parallel bars, using the strength of my arms, but in any case this is all good progress, always hoping that also for me the “most beautiful day” may come.


The doctors and experts keep telling me that a paraplegic will never be able to stand on his feet or walk, well, I already proved them wrong with the first thing, now I am hoping to prove them wrong again, since sometimes when we hear their prognosis we think that there is no hope, but if you really want it, and have a lot of sheer will power, anything can happen …


A hug to all of you


Facing Life I Already Had A Miracle Of Healing My Soul was the testimonial of Giampiero


Facing Life I Already Had A Miracle Of Healing My Soul


Facing Life I Already Had A Miracle


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