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Who Are The Guardian Angels

Who Are The Guardian Angels The Angels That God Placed Next To You


We are the Guardian Angels, the Angels that God placed next to you to protect you all the time from the dangers of life on earth; just like an Angel knows that being invisible makes you doubt our own existence, and a doubt seeks confirmation, you seeks our eyes full of sweetness as you call our names, wondering what we look like, if we have ever been among you, if we are like this from birth, if we belong to a group, and if we are just one or there are many of us, my loved ones, this fills our heart with a smile; with Love in the heart we delicately try to place something on your journey, a small sign that can bring your thoughts to ask yourself “Maybe it is true…”, and while the heart fills up with hope, in those moments, as always, we send you sweet words to your hearts.


I have been with you my loved one, from the very beginning, back when you were waiting to be born, from your heart you would tell me “please, don’t ever ever leave me”, and I would answer you “My heart is tied to you like a rock, like a world that gravitates around you, forever and ever. Many times you may forget about me, but I will always be there to gravitate around you. Hear my words, everything is right in front of you, as you will look forward, ahead of me, my place is right behind you, and over time you will turn to me to ask for help because there are many many moments in life where we feel bitterness, moments of strain, of effort, and you will need to feel that Love is indeed with you and that’s when you will find me, embraced to you.


With all of my heart I will talk to you, my talking with you is constant, my help, my advice, because the Love I mobilize for you is constant, to enable you to Be Love in your life; the existence in life has many traps and false values that will be obstacles to you, those will be tests of love that you will need to overcome to demonstrate that inside your body there is a heart that the Father has placed for you, you are made of light, you are made of Love and you can shine on earth too, and with me next to you we will shine together.


Your Guardian Angel


Who Are The Guardian Angels The Angels That God Placed Next To You are words from Your Guardian Angel


Who Are The Guardian Angels The Angels That God Placed Next To You


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