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Discovering The Guardian Angel

Discovering The Guardian Angel Comfort In Life


Discovering The Guardian Angel : dear Sara, these days I am reading the Angelic Testimonials and they give me sooo much comfort when I feel down, I would like to tell you a little bit about what happened to me, with a hope that this may be of help to others who will read it.


My name is Paola, I am 47 years old, I am a believer but I do not practice, I do not have a lot of faith in the Church and in the figure of the priest.


Exactly two years ago a whole series of changes started taking place, my employer of 4 years, where I was holding a job that I really liked was taken over by a larger company, and as it often happens in mergers, there was a cut in personnel, cuts in hours, for some reason they immediately told me not to worry that it would not affect me …. very strange, because no other colleague of mine was told anything and of course in the new company there was someone already covering the same position as mine ….


When I arrived in the new office, it was one trauma after the other, a degrading work place, a colleague who ostracized my work and every day made sure that I felt useless, I cried so much in the office bathroom, then one day, as I was taking a walk during my lunch break, with tears threatening to come down my face, I happened to look at a sign “prayer to the Guardian Angel”, it was a little church I had never noticed before and, being in the middle of downtown Rome, who knows how many times I must have walked right past it and not noticed it, I even went to school for 2 years, walking in front of it but never saw it; I don’t know why but this time I walked in, at that time I was truly desperate, not only for my job but also for a relationship that was making me suffer, and to top it all up I was beginning to suffer from early menopause, I had decided I wanted to live alone, and so in order to pay the expensive rent I was really struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month.


My God, it was just too much happening all together, but, with time, prayers and a few more good cries, things at work improved noticeably, I have a lovely office, I have been assigned new responsibilities and hopefully this will improve even more with time, but the thing that makes me feel good is that I have met my Angel, I have never seen him but I know he is next to me, every time I speak to him he responds with coincidences.


Thank you my Angel


Discovering The Guardian Angel Comfort In Life was the testimonial of Paola


Discovering The Guardian Angel Comfort In Life


Discovering The Guardian Angel


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