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Facing Life With Serenity The Spirit

Facing Life With Serenity The Spirit Frees Itself From The Body


Facing Life With Serenity The Spirit


Dearest Sara Luce, I believe I told you more than once, or maybe I think I did, about how my life has taken a direction of research and new energy ever since I met you. For all this, I am profoundly grateful to you.


This time I am writing to you to tell you about the very recent passage of Marisa, my husband’s mother, to her Spiritual World. Despite the sadness of the separation and the physical suffering that accompanies these moments, once again I find myself thanking our Lord for the sweetness and love that is unleashed in those moments when the Spirit frees itself from the body. I had the honor of accompanying her, at least partly, to her new destination, and I sensed her total surrender and trust toward the new journey that she was about to embark on.


For the first time I found myself face to face with death, and facing death so closely is now something that is less scary, and the certainty that she is serene and on her way truly makes it easier for me to overcome the saddest moments.


Today, once again, as I went to her grave to clean it and replace the flowers that had been placed on the funeral ceremony, I had the impression of being able to see her there, naturally, seeing that was not from my eyes, but from my other more subtle senses …. and so I shared with my 8 year old daughter that grandma was right there, and, as expected, she went along with my “play”.


I have been meaning to share this with you for a few days now, now I will go into your website and read your testimonial … I told myself it was high time I shared this with Sara Luce.


Forgive the manner with which I shared this with you, and any possible mistakes, I wrote it straight from my heart,


A kiss to you, and once again Thank you


Facing Life With Serenity The Spirit Frees Itself From The Body was the testimonial of Maddalena


Facing Life With Serenity The Spirit Frees Itself From The Body


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