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Creatures Of Light Who Are We Really

Creatures Of Light Who Are We Really Creatures Of Light On Earth


Creatures Of Light Who Are We Really : hello Sara Luce, my name is Tina and I am from Piacenza Italy, I have been following you for a long time now, and I would like to share this with all who follow your site like me, and who, like me, are seeking answers and want to understand the reason behind the stubbornness, certain events that are placed in front of us, and certain things that make us sink into desperation and make us ask “why me?”; after three years I am finally beginning to get the answers.


I have been married for almost thirty-four years with a man who used to adore me, I have a son who is the light of my eyes. Today I find myself alone with my parakeet who came to me just like a message. I love animals and every form of life in this planet, and with renewed eyes I see the wonder that surrounds us.


Until three years ago I was a woman who did believe in a God, but in her own way.


Other things were important to me … I felt like I was a good looking woman and my husband did nothing but confirm this to me, I felt loved and this gave me a material confidence that I can’t even describe. Then something happened that shook my life, my husband became sick, (not a deathly illness but we had to accept it anyway). I finally understood, after thirty years of marriage during which I took everything for granted, that you can’t take anything at all for granted.


My husband looked for ways to heal in new places, elsewhere, where the traditional medicine did not know what to do; however, along the way he also found something else. Three years ago he left me and my child to be with another woman who suddenly made him understand that I was not that important and, without much hesitation, he told me that he no longer loved me.


I could not believe that a person who dedicated everything to me for so many years, suddenly could change so drastically.


For more than two years I suffered in complete darkness. I knew more than ever that I had to accept my marriage and be faithful to that promise that I had made years before, to which back then we attributed no importance at all … IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH …. my husband has not yet healed.


In May I went to Lourdes, I had already been there years before. As opposed to the last time I went, this time I went with my heart opened up like a sock that has been turned inside out. I asked for, and received, messages from my Guardian Angel, and I dedicate my free time to prayer, which I advise for those people who, like me, seek an answer, in my case in the separation of my family, in other cases sickness or any other time of challenge that life places in front of us.


Today I would not want to go back at all to the person I used to be. I am strong, and nothing scares me. I am alone also because my son changed jobs and moved, I am alone, but serene and at peace with myself and with the choices I made, someone very high up approved of my choices in a dream I had. I am finally a woman who accepted solitude …. solitude so to speak, because today I have the certainty that we are never alone, something truly wonderful accompanies us in this life journey and when we lose the sense of what is truly important and what brought us to this life, it also gives us the possibility to make amends …. even if it means we have to suffer …. we are given the possibility to find again the true sense of life, and make us understand who you were yesterday, and who you will become.


Today I thank you too, Sara Luce, because every day I have been waiting for your updates to read the experiences of other people, and they have helped me overcome moments of great anguish. I hope to be of help with this testimonial, and to donate a little flame to those who right now can only see total darkness. Never forget prayer, because it’s the prayer, in all of its form, that keeps us together in what we really are …. CREATURES OF LIGHT.


Thank you to everyone


Creatures Of Light Who Are We Really Creatures Of Light On Earth was the testimonial of Tina


Creatures Of Light Who Are We Really Creatures Of Light On Earth


Creatures Of Light Who Are We Really


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