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Beyond What We See What We Touch

Beyond What We See What We Touch And Believe


You know, Sara Luce, one night, my mother, while she was in the middle of a dream where my dad was calling her on her cell phone, actually received a phone call from what used to be my father’s phone number, a number that has long been disconnected and closed.


They can do everything, beyond what we see, what we touch and believe.


Yes, this is what happened, in the middle of the night, about 3:45. You can imagine the surprise. The cell phone that belonged to my dad, who passed away three years ago, is a Nokia, we placed it in a drawer because the battery was completely depleted and the sim card is still inside, but it is not active because the cell phone can not be turned on, not even with a cannon can you turn that thing on, we can not even verify if it was really dad who called us through his own cell phone.


I am still looking for a replacement battery for it, it’s almost impossible to find since the cell phone is so old, but I do not give up, I need to verify this.


Have a good day, lots of kisses,


Beyond What We See What We Touch And Believe was told by Maria Elisabetta




Beyond What We See What We Touch And Believe


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