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A Trip To Medjugorie The Rosary

A Trip To Medjugorie The Rosary And The Holy Picture Of Father Pio


A Trip To Medjugorie The Rosary


Dear Sara, I wanted to tell you the latest thing that happened to me. I had just returned from a trip to Medjugorie, I had bought a colored rosary there, with the little book explaining how to recite it. The Rosary was also blessed by the Minister of our congregation that accompanied us.


Back home, one night I turned in my bed, I opened my eyes, and I had a vision, for just a few moments, of a small child, about 8 years old, elevated above the left hand side of my bed, with a fun hair curl over his forehead, smiling at me! I was a little worried about that, and so I started to think: “Well, now I even have visions” … I was so sure I still had all my marbles about me, so I thought I had seen a young Jesus Christ, happy because, after a very long time, I had finally taken the holy communion and had gone to confession.


A little while later, I started to feel a need to use this rosary. I started to recite it. One day, I felt a presence behind me, towering over me. Once I ended the rosary I reached out to the bedside table and I noticed that the little picture of Father Pio that I had put standing up, leaning against the night lamp, had actually moved about 15 cm, or 7 inches. I was confused by this, so I started to experiment, trying to move the pillow and turning on the fan to see if the air movement would make the picture move. But despite all this, the picture remained firmly in its place, above the base of the night lamp. Oh well, I thought, it must have been a coincidence.


Last night I took the rosary again, I felt a presence again, albeit less intense than the time before behind me, all along I am keeping an eye on the picture of the Saint, to check that it had not moved. Once I made sure that the picture was in fact in its right place, then I went to sleep.


This morning I had a huge surprise when I woke up! The little picture was on top of the night lamp ….


An embrace of light,


A Trip To Medjugorie The Rosary And The Holy Picture Of Father Pio was told by Rosy




A Trip To Medjugorie The Rosary And The Holy Picture Of Father Pio


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