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The intervention of my Guardian Angel

The intervention of my Guardian Angel a warning testimonials


The intervention of my Guardian Angel : I am so happy I ‘found’ you, dearest Sara, I will tell you of my story to ask you what you think of it, I really need some guidance from you to understand if what happened to me is directly linked to an intervention from my Guardian Angel.


I will start by saying that before this, I never had anything remarkable happen to me, linked to an extra terrestrial dimension.


Three years ago I met a man who made a strong impression on me from the first moment I met him. A real lighting stroke, and I thought it was reciprocated. He noticed me too, his noticing, however, was not an emotion but just an attraction. We kept in touch for a few months, I fell in love with him while he did not. I suffered a lot, I did not understand the reason why he did not love me, after showing him how much I cared for him. Months later I did meet another man, I currently live with him, I fell in love with him and he did the same with me. I never heard back from the other one, I heard that in the meantime he had moved in with a woman: I put it down as an unresolved emotion, in the end, it was his choice not to love me.


One morning, about ten months after I had seen him for the last time, I woke up with the clear sensation that someone was blowing a cold whiff of air on my forehead. Initially I thought I had left the window open, but both windows and doors were shut.


I noticed immediately, however, that in that sensation there was something wonderful, something I had never felt before. The morning went by, and in the early afternoon I received a text message. It was him, the man I had loved more than anything else, he wanted to see me again. I did not hesitate, I told him yes and that very afternoon we met in a bar for a coffee. We chatted for a half hour and then we parted. I understood that in our relationship there was something that was not known, deep, but not fulfilled. In the following months I saw him again, as we have friends in common.


I always felt that sensation, like a bond that can not be explained but that exists somewhere, it’s as if a piece of my Soul was permanently linked to him, inexplicably so. I don’t know why this happens, since I am happy with my companion.


Two weeks ago, one evening, I was in the kitchen preparing something to eat and I felt a terrible cold sensation on my left knee. I immediately understood that it was not a normal sensation. After a few minutes I received a message. It was him.


I had the impression that someone was trying to tell me something. But what? And most importantly, who?


Thank you, a big hug to you


The intervention of my Guardian Angel a warning testimonials was the story of Albina




The intervention of my Guardian Angel a warning testimonials


The intervention of my Guardian Angel


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