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Angelic Numbers The Angels Don’t Make Mistakes

Angelic Numbers The Angels Don’t Make Mistakes experiences


Angelic Numbers The Angels Don’t Make Mistakes : dear Sara, I very much want to update you on my story, also to highlight the fact that the Angels don’t make mistakes, they don’t send messages haphazardly, and whenever they insist on something, there is a reason for it.


You see, I have been very impulsive in handling the issue of the exchange of messages between the person I love and another woman, there was a clarification about it, and it goes as follows …. I had imagined the worst … this sent me into a crisis with myself, because all of the work that I had been doing with my psychologist, over the issue of what I define my “obsession with control” seemed to have vanished into the insecurity and frailty that this recent issue seems to have thrown me into.


He recognized he had jeopardized our relationship during the month of February, he was feeling oppressed, and I had been noticing that he was slipping away from me, and so I would control him even more … however, there was no infidelity behind the scenes, neither physical nor virtual, his old friend was the person with whom he released the pressure about his problems linked to his separation and the distancing from his daughters, a subject which he had covered with me numerous times over time, and for which I had lately began to show signs of indifference, and so she ended up being an ideal listener for a man who, to date, still has not been able to find closure from a painful separation.


Of course, I felt really bad at being “excluded” from that type of confidence, however I accept it because I know that there is nothing else, he reassured me with many signs, not only with words but also with his look, in which I have read love and innocence (and I know very well his embarrassed looks when he is not being completely sincere with me).


We have decided to get back together again, because the love we feel for each other always seems to win, he has never stopped loving me and thinking of me, and it is the same for me.


Now I will talk to you of the messages from the Angels, the angelic numbers that they sent me relentlessly during the entire time of my desperation … do you remember that the number 22 has been accompanying for a while my love relationship, do you know what the angelic meaning of the number 22 is? “The Angels are able to discern the positive effect of your prayers and desire for you to be patient and remain optimistic during the moment when the final details are being defined in the Sky. It is a message from the Angels urging you to “have faith!”.


Well, I almost ended up hating that number, because it meant, and it still does, that I have to wait and have patience, however, I know that he has not yet fully processed his separation … during those days I was finding the number 22 everywhere, it was a nightmare … in the end I would actually turn my head the other way, and despite that I would still bump into that number … car license plates (apparently there were only cars with license plates beginning or ending with 22 …), house numbers, telephone numbers ….


In the end, one morning, I was in the corridor of the subway train …  I was asking my Angels to tell me if I was supposed to still believe in this love, or if I should just let go … I raised my eyes, and on an advertisement poster, which I actually walk past every day, but I had never noticed until then, I saw that there was a sticker, which was partly torn away, of which only a number two was left. “Everything is going well, and will continue to go well. Continue to believe, since your feelings of hope lead you to further positive results. The Angels can increase your faith if you ask for their help” … Can you imagine? I asked if I was supposed to keep believing, and they answered me “Continue to believe” … and after a few days we got back together again.


I believe that I will be getting in touch with you again, because I wish so much to tell you the happy ending of this story ….


Do you know what I always tell my Angels whenever I want to do positive affirmations? “Me and my love forever in joy and with Love’s strength we will overcome every difficulty, we will get married and will be light for all those who we will be in touch with” ….


Thank you Sara, and I always confide in your prayers, just like you are in my prayers and in my thanks that I give to the Angels, for having placed people like you in my journey.


A hug


Angelic Numbers The Angels Don’t Make Mistakes is a testimonial from Paola


Angelic Numbers Angels Don’t Make Mistakes


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