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Choosing to be a mother a choice

Choosing to be a mother a choice that can be difficult at times


Choosing to be a mother a choice : today I will offer you the testimonial where the Sky has helped someone make a difficult choice, being a mother, or abort; maternity is a valuable assignment, but also a heavy one and full of anxieties; the Sky taught us an important concept: respecting life; respecting life means also taking measures that can allow each one of us to experience a pregnancy when we feel ready for it and available to donate ourselves completely to the new creature who will arrive; let’s not leave things to take their own course, let’s always move to respect life, and now I will leave you with this precious testimonial; an embrace to everyone from Sara Luce.


Dearest Sara, it’s been a while since I wrote to you, and now I decided to do it to give my testimonial of what happened to me, to then ask you to please pray for me …


I don’t know if you remember, I am the mother of a little girl, 15 months old, and now I am pregnant again, about two months!!!


I won’t tell you about my initial shock at the news, I will be honest with you, I don’t feel ready, especially after the pregnancy I had to go through before, and the health problems I suffered from it …. I knew the child has no fault in this, but I would have liked to wait a little longer, in any case, it’s happened ….


I did not want to keep it, even though I knew that deep inside me I would have never been able to let go of it, it’s a gift from God, I asked God to take my little angel with him, and if possible to send me another one a little later on, when I would be better prepared psychologically and physically for it … I prayed, and I asked for help ….


A week ago, as I was “talking” to God as I do every now and then, I asked him to think of me too, “I too am your daughter” … and a few minutes later I started to bleed, it was a threat of abortion, I understood that he had heard me, however, instead of feeling happy, I was feeling afraid of losing it, and I said “May your will be done” … it was the only thing that I managed to say ….. well, what can I add …. the bleeding stopped, my baby is doing well, HIS will was that the baby stay with me, but if I had decided to go back, HE would have helped me, as a father … I am sure it will be a boy …


I am afraid Sara, for me and for my children … I pray and I hope that everything will turn out well, I beg you, like you did in the past, please remember us in your prayers … thank you so much.


A big embrace,


Choosing to be a mother a choice that can be difficult at times is a testimonial from Tiziana




Choosing to be a mother a choice that can be difficult at times


Choosing to be a mother a choice


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