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Angelic Messages The Difficulty In Interpreting

Angelic Messages The Difficulty In Interpreting


Angelic Messages : hello Sara, I bumped into your website, which I am now reading with much joy. I have already been in contact with my fantastic Angel friends for a while now, although I have to say that I tend to only remember them when something unpleasant or uncomfortable happens to me.


About three months ago I split up with my girlfriend and I started asking them for some help. I received answers, but they arrived in a strange format. Several times, three to be exact, I dreamt of someone. The first time I dreamt of a person whom I had not seen in twenty years. I had asked my Angels if it meant that she was going to come back into my life, since in that moment she was married but she had been with me in the past.


Then I dreamt of this other girl, and in the morning when I woke up not only I did not understand the meaning of the dream, but I was left a little shocked at having dreamt of someone with whom I had not really had anything to do, strictly speaking, since she is the cousin of a friend of mine.


Well, after dreaming of her, the following morning I decided to look her up on facebook I started to look for her but I did not even remember her last name to be honest, however, through my friend’s connections, I was able to find her.


I opened her facebook page, and on top of her page there was a link she had published, which said: The wise man said, if you love two people, choose the second one, because if you had really loved the first one, you would still be with that person now.


I obtained my answer, and so I waited for the event, the event happened, and I got back together with her, after some time she told me she had made the choice, and that she wanted to live with me.


It was exhilarating.


Now, sadly, we split up again. I asked again one of my questions, the first question was if she still loved me … after a few days this happened: I was in a restaurant with my son and a good friend of mine, suddenly a waiter answers a customer (among a noisy bunch of conversations) and I heard him say “Yes, we do have the Gewurztraminer”.


Gewurztraminer is a wine that my ex liked very much, and it’s the wine she had the evening we got back together. This word really hit me, and so I told my friend about it. I was not, however, able to give it much meaning at the beginning. The following morning,  I was subconsciously guided to open my facebook, and guess what I found on the daily feed? “Many know how to say I LOVE YOU (written in big, red letters), but few know how to pronounce Gewurztraminer. It was a commercial from a wine cellar. I was very shocked by this, I believed that in that specific moment I received the answer I was looking for: she still loved me.


However, again during those few days, I had asked my Angel to give me indication on the real intentions of my ex toward me. One night (I can’t tell you if I was awake or asleep, to be honest) I heard a very clear and decisive voice that told me “24 days (it repated it several times) and then 24-27 days, repeating it several times. I remembered these words, and the following morning I sat down to calculate when that was going to be. Since the day I heard it was the night of 30th of July, I felt that the moment of clarity was going to happen some time between the 24th and 26th of august, and so I asked the question again, asking to be told what was going to happen, and a few days later, during a meditation, an image appeared in front of me, with my eeys closed, and it showed the name ‘lasuite’.


This name was familiar to me, I started looking it up in my facebook activity history, and soon enough I found the page in a page from a wellness spa center in Rome. I opened the page, and there was my answer: there was a phrase from Osho that said: don’t waste time thinking about what the future will bring, put your shoes on and go and live it, the future is coming soon enough, I promise you, whatever will happen you will be able to understand, and you can only do two things, go with the flow, or go against it.


I was once again greatly taken aback by the sign that I considered so unusual, which arrived once again from facebook.


25th of August eventually arrived, I contacted my ex to invite her for a drink, since the following day was going to be my birthday so this was going to be a celebratory drink. I got a cold shower, she told me it was not a good idea, since she deemed our relationship to be completely over.


At that point, then why did they give me the I LOVE YOU answer, to then have to adjust to the opposite? I must have interepreted something incorrectly.


In the end, a few days ago I was asking the Angels to tell me if she was thinking about reconnecting with me; last night I dreamt of her coming toward me, smiling, she caressed my face, and I was sitting there, circling her waist with my arms.


I can not tell if this is an angelic dream, or just a dream resulting from my experience.


I know I wrote a long message, thank you so much


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Angelic Messages The Difficulty In Interpreting


Angelic Messages


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