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Realization of desires help

Realization of desires help from Angels and loved ones


Realization of desires help : hello Sara, for the last few years my husband has been thinking of moving into our own house; we would like to sell our apartment and, with the money, buy a small private house that we would like to refurbish over time.


I like the apartment we live in, it’s very comfortable, but if we could also have a little garden, our two little children would be able to run around and enjoy themselves, and we would be happier. You know, here in Sicily, starting from March, the weather is really nice, and often we think back to the days when I was a little girl, and together with my 2 sisters we would play in the garden. I would love to be able to recreate the same light hearted feeling … avoiding today’s ‘tendencies’, like that of gluing yourself to the TV, or videogames.


A few days back, tired of looking around and not finding anything we liked, we were about to give up, when …. on 2nd October my husband called me, and told me that he saw an advertisement of a little house that seemed ideal for us.


Almost incredulous, we called the listing, and we had an appointment arranged to see it on the afternoon of 2nd October.


We went there, we loved the house, the children seemed to be happy, but we still needed to sell our apartment.


Why do I mention 2nd October? Because 2nd October is the day of Guardian Angels, it’s also my parents’ wedding anniversary, and it’s grandparents’ day … and so my thought went to my father … I am sure he had something to do with this … moreover, while we were looking at the rooms, I leaned over the balcony, and I saw two white butterflies flying in the direction of the balcony … then I turned to the right, and I saw a little old lady (the neighbour) smiling to my children, and she told me: it would be so nice if you were the ones buying this house … “I am alone, at least you would keep me company ….”


And in the garden there are some prickly pears … which my dad loved very much …. we often would go to the fields to pick them …..


Another point in favor of this house is that below us there is a mini apartment, where my mother could come and visit, after my father’s death she has been lonely and I would love to help her!


I sensed a feeling of peace … I perceived that this could be our house … at this point we showed our home (which we would like to sell) to a colleague of ours.


Today, a couple of days later, my colleague called us, and told us that he is very likely interested in buying it …


Sara, I don’t know how this will end up, but I feel that on that day, my father was right there with us, I feel that our loved ones, our Angels, are mindful of our desires.


Certainly, we are aware that there are requests that are far more urgent than wishing to change home (I am referring to problems with health, or lack of serenity) but I also think that even in moments when a person strongly wishes for something, and with their hearts in their hand they ask God, the Mother Mary, the Angels and their loved ones, everything could be far simpler.


What can I say sweet Sara … we remain waiting, and in the meantime, with this testimonial, I hope to convey to you the sensations that are surrounding me.


A hug


Realization of desires help from Angels and loved ones was told us by Agata


As always, your Sara asks the protagonists for updates and confirmations, some of these arrive quickly, others need a few days, and so today I shall let you read how the events developed:


Hello sweetest Sara … where shall I start from with my story about changing homes? Do you remember when I wrote to you, telling you that we were considering changing the apartment for a house, and was telling you that everything seemed to be proceeding as we were hoping? Well, let me update you.


We had showed our apartment to a colleague, but after a few days he called, saying that for the moment he was not ready to buy. My husband was very depressed, but STRANGELY, I was not … I felt that it was not time to give up, I felt that there was still hope.


One evening, I dreamt of my father together with my sister, he was next to her, as if to say “I am next to her” … I did not understand what it meant, but I felt that he was showing me his closeness to her.


After a few days, my husband had an idea: why don’t we ask your sister if she wants to buy the apartment? I strangely answered yes … I said that it could have been a good idea.


In the morning, we called her, and she immediately said: OF COURSE I WILL BUY IT, THERE IS NO QUESTION ABOUT IT!!!!


Sara, I nearly had a heart attack … our dream is coming true … on 15th December we will sign the contract, our home will remain “in the family” and we will transfer into a villa!!!


I told you Sara …. I felt that, once again, there were too many coincidences … too many signs, right up until the end, when my father in the dream told me the direction to take … a road that we had had right in front of our noses, but we had never considered.


So there, dear Sara … sometimes the most beautiful and most immediate things are in front of our eyes, but we do not feel them … my father was my broker …. he warned me that the person who was going to help us fulfill our wish was going to be my sister.


Life is so strange … a sweet hug


Realization of desires help from Angels and loved ones was the story by Agata




Realization of desires help from Angels and loved ones


Realization of desires help


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