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Meeting with my Guardian Angel

Meeting with my Guardian Angel experiences


Meeting with my Guardian Angel : I have always loved Angels, ever since I was a little girl I would place them in every corner of my house, yet I never asked myself why; until I met Iezalel, my Guardian Angel; this is what happened, In 2008 I discovered I had breast cancer, after the mammography they called me form the hospital to get a biopsy.


I remember that day, outside the doctor’s office, I was desperate …. I could perceive in the air what was awaiting me.


This is where I met her, a young blonde woman, very kind, who got close to me; it was just the two of us, it seemed like she had been waiting for me to arrive. She told me she worked for the hospital, and we chatted for a few minutes. Then we walked in.


I was so busy walking in and out of doctor’s offices that I lost track of her. But then I noticed that she was still there.


When, at the end of the biopsy, I finally left and walked into the corridor, I had no idea how much time had passed. But she was still there, seated.


She called me and said: “Don’t worry, everything will turn out well”, she smiled, and gave me a little book. I took it and read the title: “Fifteen minutes with Jesus”.


I thanked her with a smile. In that moment I was in a very confused state, I was thinking about everything but the book and the kind lady (it was quite a bit of time later, in fact, as I got home, before I remembered her book, and picked it up again).


When I went back home, I told my son everything that had happened in the hospital, including the meeting with the kind lady. I had not yet understood who she was ….


After a few days, my son called me. He was seated next to the computer. He told me: “Mum, I found the image of your Guardian Angel on Internet!”. I thought he was joking. However, as I got closer, I looked at the monitor and I was speechless, the Angel looked very similar to her, the pretty lady who encouraged me.


I started to cry in front of the computer, it’s so hard to describe the emotion that I felt in that moment. Nevertheless, since then, I never had any doubts: my Angel is always with me. She came that day into the hospital so that I, a little scared creature, could feel safe in her immense arms!


And that lady was right: I defeated my illness!


I don’t know if the cancer will be gone forever, or if it will return, but I am no longer afraid, because the Angel is with me, she reassures me. And all this, is just wonderful.


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Meeting with my Guardian Angel


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