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Prophetic dreams experiences my stories


Prophetic dreams experiences : hello sweetest Sara, when a person dies, it is difficult for us to think that their Love and their care for us remain intact, even if their live in another dimension, for this reason I would like to tell you about my precious experience, two prophetic dreams that were sent to me by my mother’s Spirit, being worried about my sister’s health condition.


You see, back in 2014 she had had some tests done, and they showed a high level of glycemia; my sister, who suffered from anxiety (therefore to her preventative tests do not even exist and she only goes to the doctor for extreme cases), in addition, she never paid any attention to those tests, she never even let her doctor review them.


Then comes my dream on 24th January 2016:


I am in my bedroom, suddenly I see that one side of the wardrobe (similar to mine, but this is a bridge shaped wardrobe) starts to cave in on one side, until it falls down. The area below the enormous wardrobe is where my mother and my sister slept. I was scared stiff, so I immediately ran to my mother, who, having been hit directly by the wardrobe, worried me more than anything else; fortunately, however, I realize that she is well, and that makes me feel better.


Then the scene changes completely: now I see my sister in bed, not feeling well. I ask her what’s going on; I want to know what the problem is. She tells me she does not feel very well, but that there is nothing to worry about. There is some test result that is higher than normal parameters, but she tends to minimize saying that it’s probably just a temporary thing (just like she acts in real life).


However, (even though I did not even remember what test data she was referring to) I understand that it is something rather serious, and, very seriously, I tell her that those test result must absolutely not be underestimated, because there could be grave consequences. Therefore, not allowing her apparent calm to influence me, I immediately take the initiative and call an ambulance, which arrives in seconds. I am shaken, and I also prepare to accompany her in the ambulance to the emergency room. And that is the end of the dream.


In this dream there is no specific prognosis (which I deem to be absolutely irrelevant), but it is obvious to me that there is an indication to urgently take care of my sister, to make sure there are no risks that may be further compromising her current health.


In that dream, I thought about it and I acted immediately, just like I would have done in real life, had I found myself in a similar situation.


The following day, I told my sister about the dream, explaining to her that to me that dream was a warning from our mother, I was convinced that if I had not pushed her to go to the doctor, she probably would have continued to procrastinate forever.


I kept urging her to go to the doctor, but she never did, until a month later, on the 20th February 2016, I had another dream (to make a long story short, I will tell only the second part of the dream):


…. We are in our living room, on the smaller sofa is sitting one of my brothers, while on the other sofa are sitting my mother and I (she passed away 10 years ago, and yet in this dream I only notice her there later on in the dream); there is also my sister Vittoria, who is behaving in a strange manner, acting very childishly. At one point, she deliberately trips our cousin Elena, who falls on the ground, almost breaking the door glass panels, and consequently, hurting herself. At that point I reprimanded her, telling her to stop behaving in such an irresponsible manner.


Soon afterd that, my sister Vittoria goes to her bedroom, and I see that she lays down and starts to get agitated, waving her arms and legs uncontrollably, contorting the entire body in an uncoordinated way, her blood shot eyes bulging out.


At first, I believe she is acting out another one of her strange moments, but soon after I realize that she is really sick. At that point, our mother stands up quickly from the sofa and runs to her.


In this instant, I witness a scene that leaves me speechless: my mother kneels down and nears her face to my sister’s face, and she smells her, as if she could find out the prognosis just by the odor that her skin was emitting. In fact, incredibly, soon after that, very worriedly, she exclaims: “She is diabetic!” and so I also run to her side to help them. This is where my dream ends and I wake up.


Evidently, my mother from the Sky was worried because my sister was still not going to the doctor, and she managed to send me this second dream with the essence of an emergency.


My sister did do the analysis, she found she had glycemia, and now she is finally on a cure for it and has it under control.


Goodbye to everyone.


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Prophetic dreams experiences


Prophetic dreams


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