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The Glory to the Father prayer

The Glory to the Father prayer testimonial of help


The Glory to the Father prayer : hello Sara, my name is Daniela, and as promised I am writing to you again; I had told you that I would have liked to tell you something to share with other readers of the website, and so here is my story; I was about 16 years old when, following a difficult time in my life, I distanced myself from any contact with God, but in my heart I knew that I was just “angry with him”.


By coincidence I met some young men that had been to a pilgrimage to Medjugorje, and they gave me a book to read that talked about it; they convinced me to also begin a journey of prayer and fasting once a week. I was supposed to pray every morning and every evening, 7 Our Father, 7 Holy Mary and 7 Glory To The Father.


On the first evening I started my prayers, once I got to the Glory To The Father I realized I did not remember it. And so I thought that on the following day I would look up my prayers booklet from catechism, and refresh my memory. One day went past, then two, then three, but I kept on forgetting to find the booklet, and so I kept on skipping the part of the prayer Glory To The Father.


One morning, the phone rang at home and I went to answer it. It was a gentleman who needed to leave a message to my father. I took the first piece of paper I had at hand, so I could write notes.


Once the conversation ended, I was about to fold the piece of paper in two, and I noticed that there was something written on he back of it. I turned it around completely so I could read it, and with great surprise, this is what I read …. The prayer of the Glory To The Father! It was not written in pen, or pencil, it seemed to be a print photocopied print.


When the rest of my family returned home, I asked each one of them, including my grandfather and brother, if the piece of paper belonged to them, but each one of them denied it, and told me they had never seen it before.


I believe it was a truly particular message, and obviously I still have it, I cherish that precious leaflet, and each time I look at it … I smile with immense gratitude!


The glory to the Father prayer testimonial of help is Daniela’s experience




The Glory to the Father prayer testimonial of help


The Glory to the Father prayer


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