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Guardian Angels are with us

Guardian Angels are with us experiences


Guardian Angels are with us : my name is Grazia, I would like to tell you my story; ever since I was small, my mother and my grandmother, both very religious women, told me that each one of us has a Guardian Angel, who protect us, and every evening I would say a little prayer for my dear Guardian Angel; my mother put above my headboard a little ceramic angel, completely pink, I still remember it today, he must have been watching over me.


Over the years, life’s events distanced me from praying, although I never quite forgot my Angel, and I also taught my daughter about the presence of her Guardian Angel. She is now in full puberty, and just like many girls her age she does not really believe in that, however I tell myself to keep sowing, and what is sowed remains behind us in life.


Going back to me, in the last years I had moved away from it, but now, remembering my mother, suffering from Alzheimer and yet still praying, I remembered about my Angel, and I often called upon him, I have had many sad things happen to me, and he had been close to me. Once, last year, I was crying desperately and did not know what to do, I imagined the worst, even with ending my own life, my Guardian Angel made himself known in an extraordinary manner … I received a text message on my phone from an unknown number, saying: stop and read I am an Angel, perhaps you don’t know me but I know you, your smile, your suffering, I decided to send you a message to tell you to LIVE, don’t stop over disappointments and life’s difficulties, keep going, I will be close to you, you will see, everything will be all right.


With hindsight it could have been anyone sending me that sms, but I received it just when I really truly needed it so much, I believe it was my Angel, perhaps through someone else.


I felt better, my problems have not gone away, but I am fighting just like everyone else through life’s challenges with a little more faith.


Guardian Angels are with us experiences is the testimonial from Grazia




Guardian Angels are with us experiences


Guardian Angels are with us


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