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Change the vision of the world

Change the vision of the world testimonials


Change the vision of the world : dear Sara Luce, I am bothering you again, my questions are endless, I would like to know many things, I realize that it may not be possible, but maybe you can help me one more time, with an answer from you, one of your answers that make people feel so good because they put peace in one’s heart.


This is what happened.


About three months ago, my father left us; I was devastated (just like my mother and my sisters) my desperation knew no end.


After about a month, on the day of my birthday, I accidentally discovered your website, what a joy!


The very first thing I read was about Guardian Angels, written by someone named Sara, just like me; as I kept on reading I suddenly lit up, something inside me stirred, I wanted to read everything there and then, but my tiredness was great because it was already late at night and also because since I went to bed I cried uninterruptedly for my father, so I would close my eyes and then crash into sleep … and that’s when something wonderful happened …. it was him, yes, my father; he appeared in a dream, what a splendid gift!


My happiness was such that I felt like I was flying, I was shocked and felt inebriated, that dream shook me: my father was ecstatic and he covered me with joy – I say this because I could not find other word to accurately describe what I was experiencing – I was able to feel and see many more situations and things all at the same time, moreover that “state” of being infused such a level of well being that I did not want to leave it. But then a very strong light (it also made a slight noise) surrounded him, and he dissolved into it … and so, I realized that sadly it was all over.


Since then, everything changed, my vision of the world is different, everything seems small now, restricted, and closed, even in our “emotions” … actually there is an unbelievable potential in each one of us in our “terrestrial” dimension, but in reality everything stays on a low profile.


Since then I started asking myself countless questions …. those who have been accompanying me all my life, and the additional ones following the event that happened to me (I wrote to you about it, and you kindly answered) … but what happened?


I feel as if an extraordinary world has “reopened” back up again, just like when I was small, but I am also very afraid … for a few days after the even I felt confused, and I tried to calm myself down and some make sense of it … I don’t know if I should even avoid doing all this, or if I should delve even deeper into it, I feel a restlessness inside me, my conscious reawakened, and yet my fears still appear … yes, because what I felt is a power, a strength that is much greater than mine (and if this happened to me again, would I be able to “cope” with it!?)


Understandably, the conflict between negation and acceptance is great, because, it must be said, the elation from the joy and wellbeing from those few moments is immeasurable!


I felt disoriented, shaken, I sought my father with all my strength and I feel he is here with me and my little girls (for example, after that dream, I stopped regretting that my father could no longer follow on their progress, I don’t know how and why, but I can affirm with certainty about what I feel, the reason is because he already knows everything before us, his family) but this is not all … I feel, I perceive it, that there is more, but I don’t know if and what I should do.


The only certainty I have today is that those sensations I used to have ever since I was little, finally can be linked to what happened recently.


It was beautiful, I would dive with bliss into a “cosmo” (let’s call it that way), I would take a little tour, flying, free, I could see earth as a tiny little dot, then a very strong pull would take me back among people, it would identify my own person, and it would insert itself in it; I asked myself how I managed, every time, to locate my physical self among such a multitude of people, and I would ask myself if this ever happened to others as well.


Then, growing up, probably due to structural mental restrictions, this freedom disappeared, the only thing I had left was the final part, that sometimes I feel the insertion of that “I am” into my person (and that’s where I think I just missed my little tour and once again I regained possession of that person whose physicity I feel, and that is called Sara)


Thank you for giving me so much attention and availability, and also for the enormous work that you put daily, offering help to humanity.


Change the vision of the world testimonials is Sara’s story




Change the vision of the world testimonials


Change the vision of the world


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