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How can one accept the death

How can one accept the death of a daughter or a loved one


How can one accept the death : after my daughter’s departure, my immediate reply to such question was “ad why not to me? who am I to be excluded from it? why is it always and only others that have to endure tragedies?”, if I think back to the months before that doomed day, 7th January 2011, so many things made me think that my soul already knew, subconsciously I was already prepared, and as a consequence, I had already said my goodbyes to my daughter.


It is saddening to think that I am a Divine spark, a creature of Light that chose to be on this earth and chose my own parents, giving myself permission to make my own experiences, both happy ones and ones of suffering.


The answer is in one single word - “Evolution”


Therefore it actually happened to me, because I chose to feel this profound pain, to understand how much one can love, the love for my daughter after her departure intensified exponentially, thus also understanding the meaning of death, as an integral part of life.


Thanks to this understanding I am able to keep my ego in check, my anger, I can practice tolerance, and simply give and receive love.


I accepted the death of my daughter, not seeing it as an ending, but as a transformation, because the soul is eternal, and my daughter accompanies me during my journey of my existence …. a more spiritual and less materialistic journey.


We come from the invisible, and to the invisible we shall go back.


Every day I thank Him to for having helped me open my eyes, my mind, and so much more …. my heart.


Have a sweet night.


How can one accept the death of a daughter or a loved one is Assunta’s experience




How can one accept the death of a daughter or a loved one


How Can One Accept The Death


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