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The Love of Jesus for humans is real

The Love of Jesus for humans is real testimonial


The Love of Jesus for humans is real : yes, I know, none of us feel worthy of receiving cures, attentions, Love from Jesus, from God our Father, from the Virgin Mary, but Their lives are completely dedicated to us, and in their Love there is no search of protagonism, just a desire to be of help to us; however, sometimes, if it’s useful, we can see some traces, let’s hear this testimonial


Hello Sara, my name is Ramona, I already told you how, thanks to your help, I was able to establish a contact with my Guardian Angel, so much so as to often be pampered by his love through feathers, hearts, and answers to my requests for help … I also told you about the yellow/green light that I saw one night move around, it was pulsating in my bedroom, and you very kindly always listened to me.


Now I would like to ask you, if I may, your opinion on something that happened to me yesterday.


In order to go to work, every day I drive 50 kilometers there, and 50 km back, I have been doing this for many years now; in 2006 I also had a very serious accident that changed my life, and got me extremely close to Jesus, to the point that in that moment is where my very intense spiritual journey actually started, which however I eventually interrupted following the birth of my daughter, mostly for lack of time.


Yesterday, while I was driving to work, an almost new tire in my car completely blew out, it was only a few weeks old, it happened right on the highway. I lost control of the car, and it started swerving absurdly to the left and right, between fast driving trucks and cars … I don’t even know how I managed to regain control of the vehicle, but I did, and very slowly I was able to pull over to the side on the emergency lane … I was terrified (to be honest to date I still get shaking episodes from it) …. very large trucks were passing me by, and I prayed my Angel to help me …. soon after a few highway patrol employees arrived and kept me company while I waited for the emergency roadside assistance to arrive.


While I was waiting, I asked for a sign of the presence of my Angel, and yet, strangely, and unusually, I did not receive any answer … as soon as I was towed to a mechanic where they were able to replace my tire, as I was drinking some coffee, I turned around, and on a wall I saw a very unusual image of Jesus, it really looked like it was looking at me …. clearly there are images of Jesus everywhere, so I thought nothing of it …. once I collected the car back I resume my drive to work, and just before arriving I decided to stop briefly to get some food …. next to the cashiers check out I found a pile of images of Jesus the Merciful, and as I looked up, I saw an entire wall, above the check out, completely covered in crosses and images of Jesus ….


Now, as I wrote, I know that the image of Jesus is very common, and I would not want to have the presumption to believe that it was exactly Him that was close to me …. but you, honestly, do you think it could have really happened? I wonder if it was a way for him to make me understand that He is there, even if I have distanced myself so much …. I would love to have your thoughts on this, because this is not something I feel like sharing with anyone else ….


A genuine thank you from me.


The Love of Jesus for humans is real testimonial is Ramona’s story




The Love of Jesus for humans is real testimonial


The Love of Jesus for humans is real


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