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Guardian Angel saved me from certain death

Guardian Angel saved me from certain death


Guardian Angel saved me : good evening Sara Luce, I found myself browsing your website by coincidence, I am a believer! In the past I would go to Church, but what I am about to tell you happened when I was 14 years old, and I did not know yet the ways of the Lord; I am Brazilian, now I am 43 years old. I have been living in Ivrea since 1996; my mother used to live with a drug trafficker, I had gone to live with her when I was 11 years old; I adored her, it was my dream to be able to live with my mother, but when I went to her, she was already sharing her home with this man!


I will not tell you everything I went through, I could write a book. My mother and him had left for a trip to buy drugs, and they had left me alone in that house …. together with a German shepherd named Coca! She was trained. I remember that when someone would arrive, if it was someone my stepfather knew, he would say “He’s a friend” and the dog would calm down; she was trained to kill and find drugs; bear in mind that I was born in Rio De Janeiro and that man had brought us to live in Itaperuna, 6 hours away by bus.


But let me return to that day ….  I was very well, I had gone to buy some fruit, and I made myself a smoothie which I drank. Suddenly I started feeling unwell! However, I did not want to bother anyone, so I did not seek help from my neighbors.


At one point, I was feeling considerably worse, and so, very reluctantly I knocked on my neighbor’s door. The lady knew me, and she knew that our lives were a living hell on account of that man often beating us.


She came to me, and when she touched me, I was boiling hot with fever. She took me into her house, and after that I don’t remember anything … she told me I was delirious with temperature … and because I was sick, she made me sleep in her house.


That very night some thieves entered our house, they were certainly friends of my stepfather, because Coca, our trained dog, did not even bark; my neighbor’s house is connected on one side to ours, and she did not hear anything!


The following morning my neighbor decided to go back into my house to get some of my clothes since I was still unwell … that’ s when she saw that the door to our house had been completely destroyed and everything inside was upside down.


My Guardian Angel saved me from certain death!!! You know how Brazil is … they would have raped me and killed me.


If you only knew what I went through, maybe one day I will be able to tell someone, it will be a great testimonial.


Thank you for listening to me Sara, and especially thanks to my Guardian Angel.


Guardian Angel saved me from certain death is Luciana’s story




Guardian Angel saved me from certain death


Guardian Angel saved me


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