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Angels precious jewels at our side

Angels precious jewels at our side an extraordinary gift


Angels precious jewels at our side : dear Sara, I also had a very strong experience with my Guardian Angel. Perhaps you may not believe me, but it’s the truth; years ago, I had recently lost my mother, I prayed to the Good Lord, praising him for the extraordinary gift of my Guardian Angel (in reality I was not yet completely sure of it); after a few months, about three, I had a strange, rather bizarre meeting: I had to pick up my daughter at the station, but for a strange coincidence (I now know that coincidences do not exist, but it’s all prearranged by God, our Father) I purchased the wrong ticket and I was forced to step off the train in Arezzo, instead of the little local train station where we lived.


As I was telling you, I met a strange individual, clean, but dressed modestly, he literally took my arm in his! In other circumstances he would have received a sound slap on his face, but, strangely, I did not react, it was as if I was hypnotized.


He told me that Jesus loved me very much, then he spoke of the Madonna, referring to her as “Mother”, and lastly …. actually let me take a small step back … in that prayer a few months prior, I had used these exact words “my Angel is beautiful – is what I had told Jesus – even yours is beautiful, Lord, but right after yours, my Angel is among the most beautiful!” …


Maybe God liked this prayer, I don’t know, all I know is that he gave me the honor of meeting my Angel in person …. and as this strange man was about to leave, my Angel, he said to me “Is it true that I am very beautiful?” Am I very beautiful or not?”


I understood time later that I had been chatting with my Angel, you can imagine the strong reaction I had!


The Lord let me understand that I had really met him, through prayers and the invocation to the Holy Spirit.


What can I tell you? God is great!


Angels precious jewels at our side an extraordinary gift is Marcella’s testimonial




Angels precious jewels at our side


Angels jewels


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