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Dreaming of going to the cemetery

Dreaming of going to the cemetery to my father’s tomb


Dreaming of going to the cemetery : I lost my father 17 years ago, it was a very painful loss, within 20 days he was gone, I was beside myself from the loss, I cried constantly and I could not go to the cemetery, yet I had to go there every week, however the thought that he was under there made me restless.


One night I dreamt of him, I was at the cemetery, his tomb was open, with three steps leading down into it, I did not think twice, I walked down the steps and found myself inside a gallery, much like the one in Via Montenapoleone in downtown Milan, I should mention that I am from the city of La Spezia and I have never even been inside this gallery in Milan, however, from some research I had done, I found out that it was truly beautiful, so, let’s go back to the story, in this gallery there were a lot of people, men and women, all dressed in white, they were all strolling happily and smiling, a peace and a happiness that I had never experienced before.


Suddenly, I saw my father coming toward me, dressed in rags, I looked at him, we took each other’s hands, and I asked him “But dad, why are you dressed like that? I had never seen you like this, where are you going?”, he replied “I am in a hurry, I have got to go”, and I insisted “But where are you going? I’ll come with you” and he told me “I’m in a hurry, wait for me here” and he brought me into a room full of children, all dressed in white, they were all playing, and they were all beautiful.


I didn’t know how much time had gone by, but I realized I was fascinated by these children, eventually my father returned, all dressed in white, smiling, and he told me “Do you like me now?” and I said “Yes, now I like you” and he said “Now I have to go”, “Then I will go with you” and that’s when he took me by the hand and told me “Come, accompany me for a little bit, but you can not come with me where I am going”.


We walked among these people for a little while, at one point he asked me “Now I really have to go, and you can not come” I burst into tears and told him “No, I am coming with you”, and he pinched my cheeks and told me “You have Marco (my husband) and Erick (my oldest son) they need you” he let go of my cheeks, and I found myself outside of the tomb in the cemetery.


From that day I think of him differently, death no longer scares me, because I went to such a wonderful place that words can not even describe it. Well, this is my story, apologies for the length.


Dreaming of going to the cemetery to my father’s tomb are Debby’s words




Dreaming of going to the cemetery to my father’s tomb


Dreaming of going to the cemetery


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