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Saint Anthony from Padua devotion

Saint Anthony from Padua devotion and protection


Saint Anthony from Padua devotion : dear Sara, my name is Ramona, I have already bugged you a few times to tell you about my experiences with my Guardian Angel; today I would like to tell you about a nice “coincidence” that I just discovered in my life, I hope I won’t bore you, the story is a little long; let me start by saying that I am catholic, and I am a strong believer; however, while I have a lot of respect for all Saints, I never had any special devotion to any one of the Saints in particular.


A few years ago I met my husband, he was transferring from Padua to Pescara to start a new job within the company where I worked (I still work there); when we got engaged he brought me to Padua to meet his family, and among the many sites, he obviously took me to visit the Sanctuary of St. Anthony.


I cant’ tell you what I felt as soon as I entered the “Saint”, as the locals call it, the right words are that I felt ‘welcomed’ and so, every time we went to Padova, I never failed to visit this magnificent Sanctuary; just before our wedding date I entrusted to Him a very important task, I asked Him to make me a mother soon (since I was already almost 39 years old); two months after we married I was already pregnant.


When I had my first ultrasound, my best friend suggested I placed a picture of a Saint in the exam folder containing the ultrasounds, so that it would protect my pregnancy, obviously the first Saint I thought of was Saint Anthony, and so I did.


On the third month of pregnancy, I received a negative test for the possibility that my child could be suffering from down syndrome and, to thank the Lord for allowing everything to go well, I went with my husband to the church in the town where we worked (the Church is dedicated to the Assumption Of Mary); as I entered the church I immediately noticed that there was a statue that I had never noticed before, I got closer to it, and with astonishment I noticed that it was a statue of Saint Anthony from Padua, I could not believe it, I felt as if it had been waiting for me to arrive, I asked the reason for that specific statue to be in this church, and they told me that, rightly so, the date was June 13th, the feast of Saint Anthony, and for this reason the Church wanted to pay homage to him; the incredible thing is that it was also the day that I collected my test results.


It’s been 3 years since, and a few months ago my mother gave me a few little golden knick knacks (gifts from when I was a little girl) that I had left behind in her house, among these, there was a little pendant from my baptism, I swear, both my mother and I were completely astonished to see that on one side of the pendant there was the Madonna with the baby (just like every little pendants usually given as a gift on the occasion of a baptism, at least here in the Abruzzo region); I had never ever worn it, and it had been at least 20 years since I had taken it out of its box; but with much surprise I noticed that the little medal did not have the image of the Madonna, instead it had the image of a Monk with a child.


I thought of my Saint Anthony, I showed it to several people, and they all told me they believe it represents Saint Anthony.


I do believe that this Saint has been protecting me since my childhood, and that maybe the fact that my husband is from Padova is not exactly a coincidence, what do you think??


I hope I did not bore you, a big hug to you.


Saint Anthony from Padua devotion and protection are the words from Ramona




Saint Anthony from Padua devotion and protection


Saint Anthony from Padua


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