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Maternity the miracle of life

Maternity the miracle of life experiences


Maternity the miracle of life : I have a very special episode to share regard maternity as miracle, the miracle of life, it sounds like a movie, but I assure you it’s all true; the night I was admitted to hospital to give birth to my son, in a corridor I met a new mother, she was in the process of changing her little daughter on the baby changing table; I stopped to observe her, I was fascinated by the delicacy, confidence and sweetness with which she was performing this seemingly natural gesture, while she was looking adoringly at her daughter, whispering the sweetest words to her.


She greeted me with a smile, she introduced her little girl, her name was Rebecca, she had given birth the day before, and she asked if I was about to give birth to my first child, and how I was feeling; well, we exchanged a couple of words at the moment, it was just her and I, around us there was a strangely surreal silence, considering that the ward is usually animated with babies’ cries and I was taken by the fact that the sweet sound with which she talked to her daughter was now the same sound I was hearing as she talked to me, even though I was apprehensive, as this was my first delivery after all, her words and her sweetness left me with a feeling of encouragement, of confidence, of hope so glad that I had managed to meet briefly that woman, I walked back to my room, feeling definitely more uplifted.


That night I gave birth. The following morning in my room the same sweet lady came to visit me she told me that she was sure that I had given birth (something easily gleaned, to be honest) and in that moment something wonderful happened, she came up to my bed, as if she had been waiting for this moment with much intensity, she embraced me, she squeezed my hand with vigor and would not let go of it, and we both cried; I will point out that it’s very difficult for me to display my emotions to strangers, but I assure you that the woman in front of me, due to the sensations she had managed to transmit to me, did not even feel like a stranger to me, in our embrace and in her cry I felt such an emotional drive, impossible to describe, I could feel her entire sensitivity and attention to me, in that specific moment I could not speak very much, but she was like an overflowing river, and I listened carefully to her words, she said nothing more than to thank the Lord for the gift of life, that I should focus on growing and having faith in the miracle of life; she also invited me never to forget the strong experience that we had just had, that of giving birth to a creature, I remember she told me “We feel a lot of pain but it all goes away! There are no words to describe the moment you get to know your child!!! Your soul is gripped with so much joy! Being mother allowed me to look at the world with a different set of eyes! The joy a child can bring to every family is infinite!”.


She did not stay long, just the time to share those fantastic words with me, maybe ten minutes; we hugged one more time, still with tears in our eyes as we separated. Then she left, and I was so happy at the thought of our meeting, which happened under such unusual circumstances, and that made me feel emotions of such intensity! I will add, can you believe that I don’t even know the name of that woman? Not because I don’t remember it, but because we never even introduced ourselves.


However, the most extraordinary, and at the same time strange, thing that happened, that I still am not able to explain to this date, is this: the following day (it was 31st January), I went looking for that lady; I was going to be discharged the following day and as I calculated that her daughter was born on the 29th of January, surely that day (the third day after delivery) she was going to be discharged from the hospital. I really wanted to say hello to her, one last time, at least return the kindness of a visit to her.


I looked in every room, I scanned the faces of the new mothers, but I could not find her. I went to all other areas of the ward, with no luck either. I then suspected that she may have been discharged already, so I went to the desk of the head nurse, where they were certainly going to be able to give me some information. It’s true that I really only had a couple of ‘details to give them to identify her, because I did not know her name but I described her physically and I knew the day she had given birth. The head nurse told me that she had not had any patients discharged between the 30th and the 31st  of January, she also told me that she could not find her, not even going by the date of delivery I had given her.


I could not believe it! I insisted, because even though I could not expect for them to give me her last name (because of the privacy laws) I just wanted to say hello to her one last time and yet there was no trace at all of her! Seeing that I was so insistent, other nurses joined in and tried to understand who was the person I was talking about. I had a moment of clarity, and I blurted out the name of the baby, the only thing I seemed to remember: “Rebecca!! The name of the baby was Rebecca!” I was sure I was going to be able to find her now: now they will surely be able to help me, because it is not a common name, and how many girls could be born on the same day with the same name? But the answer from the nurses left me speechless, they looked at each other “Madam, we have not had any baby born under that name”


I was left stunned.


I conceded I had to give up, and very reluctantly I walked back to my room. I had so many questions I was asking myself about this. Don’t you think that this even sounds, mysterious?


Obviously I did not just imagine that woman, even my husband met her, and spoke to her. How can she not show up anywhere? When they finally told me that they didn’t have any baby under that name being born there on that day, I was speechless, I really don’t think that the nurses deliberately omitted to give me that information, first of all they seemed genuinely willing to help me, and second, because they could have simply said that they found her, but that they were not at liberty to share that information with me. Instead, they too were left surprised in front of my insistence in naming that baby, given that they could not find it at all!


I continue to underline that mystery by saying this: why did that sweet lady feel the desire to come and seek me out in such a singular way, as if we had known each other a long time, and she spoke to me as if we were very good friends, with such wonderful words, and a mannerism that made me emotional (unusual for strangers?) All this after only exchanging a couple of words the previous day? How strange also that she had only spoken in such way with me, but she did not insomuch look at all the other new mothers that shared my same room. And lastly, given the care she had toward me, the moment she was discharged, wouldn’t it be normal to assume she would seek me out to say goodbye? But nothing, no trace of either her or her baby.


All I know is that every time it’s my son’s birthday, I can not help but think of that lady, the sweetest message that I remember she had left me, not to think of the modality with which she had communicated it with me, those feelings will be with me for the rest of my life, this is for sure. A brief but very intense parenthesis, for sure.


Maternity the miracle of life experiences are the words from Ilaria




Maternity the miracle of life experiences


Maternity the miracle of life


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