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Paranormal presences visions

Paranormal presences visions and messages


Paranormal presences visions : what do the testimonials on paranormal presences, visions and messages teach us, that Love never ends, that even after our physical death, our lives continue in the life in the Sky, the feelings for our loved ones remains, it even amplifies; they teach us that, if it is allowed, they will manage to let a message get through to those suffering for the loss, for the temporary separation; of course, not everyone can live these experiences, in order to manifest, our loved ones will need to be certain of the equilibrium of those who will receive their vision, and will welcome or deliver the message that was donated for Love; a heart open to the reality of Spirit, a heart open to the Truth Of The Spirit will receive, within itself and its own free will, this type of experiences; let’s listen to Alberto’s experience.


Hello Sara, some time ago I stayed for a while as a guest at a friend of mine’s, and since he had lost both his parents and lived alone in a large house, he let me stay with him for some time, I slept in one room and he in the other.


After a while, one afternoon, I was in the bed and I saw his father in front of me, he walked slowly toward my bed, telling me, in his local dialect, two times, to be close to his son, and he said so with a lot of compassion for his son.


In my entire life I had only seen his father a couple of times, nothing beyond the usual hello, we never really had a communicative rapport.


Over time, because of various things happening, my friend and I eventually interrupted our friendship, in a not very positive way, for the last few years we have not even been talking to each other anymore, mostly it’s him not answering my messages. Some time ago I sent him a message, saying that after all he is a good soul and that he has helped me, moreover I apologized with him in case I had offended him somehow, and once again he did not even reply.


Now, I don’t understand the message from his father, what am I supposed to do? That friend lives dozens of miles away from me, I don’t see him anymore, he is out of my life.


Sometimes I think about his father’s wish, but I just don’t know how to interpret it and put it into action, if only he had asked someone who is actually close to him, oh well, what do I know.


Paranormal presences visions and messages are the words from Alberto




Paranormal presences visions and messages


Paranormal presences visions


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